31 October 2013

There's only 365 days left until next Halloween! // Tattoo Time!

Let me start this off by wishing you all a 'Happy Halloween!' 
I hope you all enjoy the parties and treats you're all going to enjoy tonight while I'm at work! I've had my celebrations (which were last weekend) so it's okay, I can chomp down on all the left over sweets tomorrow. However time to move on to bigger and maybe even better things!
Like I said in my 'returning' post I had an exciting thing to share with you all that happened yesterday! I know many of you may already know and have seen it through facebook/instagram/twitter and what not but I just knew I had to post this baby, because not only am I so proud of it and want to show everyone, I feel it gives more insight to me and who I am as a person....

So yesterday I went and got my first tattoo! I turned 18 last Wednesday (I'll blog about that too don't worry!) and I decided to go all out for it and get a tattoo. I knew exactly what I wanted, I'm not sure of the exact meaning behind them and why they are so important. All I know is that they are perfect, on me forever and that is good with me! It is huuuge (to me) and detailed and took around 4/5 hours, safe to say me and Chris were stiff by the time he had finished the shading! So without further ado here you are guys! 
Okay people the one on the left is just the outline done, which took 2 hours! The one on the right is literally 5 minutes after Chris finished it, 4 and a half hours later... Very sore and very bloody but amazing. I feel like Jack and Sally were captured perfectly.
These next photos were taken at about 9:30pm last night, I wondered how they would look under a SLR lense (the two above are just iPhone camera quality) so I asked my boyfriend to take a few snaps of them.
This next one is a personal favorite of mine, just because. I look so damn pleased!
The guy that did my work goes by the name of @chriscolour on instagram and he is amazing, so check out his work - he does a lot of colour but he wants to do a lot more black and white shading. All I can say is that I want more and more, specially from him because this is perfect. In fact I'm already thinking about booking my next one, I just need the cash. I think next time round it has to be Victor and his Corpse Bride to complete the set! One thing I will say is that yes it did hurt, the outline was completely fine apart from some parts but the shading was a bitch.

They are so worth the money, pain and time it took and I want my next one now!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
ps. sweets to all who can guess where the title of this post came from! ;)

29 October 2013

The Autumn Tag!

I'm a girl that absolutely loves Autumn. I can't think of anything better than being cozy on the couch which a big fluffy jumper, slippers and a hot chocolate!  Someone about being inside while it pours down just makes me feel so content and cozy, lets face it.. I love the cold weather so much more than the sweaty sun! I've been tagged by countless people for this tag so I thought I'd join in myself!
1. Favorite thing about it?
Big thick jumpers and a brand new pair of boots. I love big fluffy jumpers you can just cuddle down in and cozy up on the couch. I love wrapping up in lots of layers and thick tights and stepping out into the cold weather knowing full well I'm toasty. Also the idea of curling up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a good film while it pours outside.

2. Favorite drink?
If I'm at home it has to be Options Hot Chocolate but if it's from a shop I will just drink cup after cup of hot chocolate!

3. Favorite scent/candle?
I'm not entirely sure why but I love the smell of vanilla if it's not too overpowering. But I like anything that smells nice especially the spiced pear (?) Yankee Candle!

4. Best lipstick?
I wear red every day of the week and winter/autumn is no different. I have a new favorite lippy and that is in the form of a matte one from Revlon. Or just a simple lip balm because my lips crack like mad.

5. Go to moisturizer?
I don't really tend to change types with the seasons I just use the a hell of a lot more. Currently I'm using the No7 dry/combination day and night cream - the ones in the green tubs!

6. Go to colours for the eyes?
I do love neutrals so I think it's time to bring back the golds and browns. However I never find anything wrong with good old flicks!

7. Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?
To be honest my music taste never changes with the season - only at Christmas time when I blast the hits 24/7... from the middle of November. 

8. favorite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)?
I normally wear jeans, a woolly jumper and a thick scarf. However this year I've opted more for summer skirts and dresses coupled up with thick woolen tights and a jumper and scarf to match! (I hate wearing hats so it's normally a big furry hood for me.) It's always my doc martens or new rocks this time of year!
(cozy clothes bought for Autumn!)

9. Autumn treat?
A huge tub of my favorite hot chocolate, cookies and always a new scarf.

10. Favorite place to be?
Snuggled in bed at home with a warm drink, good films and molly my Westie.
(my snuggle buddy!)
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

28 October 2013

Someone's Been a Busy Bee // Life Update

Hello boys and girls!
It seems that I haven't been around since maybe September time? Oops! It seems time has taken me away, I got caught up being back at college and seeing all my friends, it's mad to think it's now nearly the end of October eek! I though I'd do a little post on what I've been getting up to before I start back on my hauls and beauty reviews, I've got all the pictures lined up I just need to write!

♡ I recently returned to college, picking up my A2 courses and I'm slowly getting to grips with everything however there seems to be so much more work for this year that I wasn't prepared for - boohoo!
♡ As well as returning to college I've hurried myself into my UCAS personal statement and application for university. I have my heart set on either York or Leeds and I just want my application sent off as soon as!
♡ My boyfriend recently turned 20 (old I know boooo) but we went out for a lovely meal with him family and my present was GTA V, safe to say he's been missing for weeks... heh.
♡ I have a wonderful event to blog about after this coming Wednesday - I've booked my first tattoo and I'm so excited to show it to you all, so stay tuned it's gorgeous and so very me :)
♡ A lot of my friends have been turning 18 so I've been buying presents and going to parties. My favorite one was one of my best friends fancy dress party. I dressed up as Frank and my boyfriend as an army dude, here's a picture for you all! I was so proud of my make up so expect a post on it!
♡ I turned 18 yay and celebrated a hell of a lot yay!
I hope to post properly on this so I won't say much, I will only say I expect a few outfit posts, a wishlist and maybe a wee haul of what I was lucky enough to get. But for now have a picture of me and my twin at Frankie & Benny's! Let's just say turning 18 was fab, we did a hell of a lot of drinking and eating and had a fab time doing it!
I'll see you all in my next post and I hope you're all okay. I have lots to share with you that I'm ever so excited about :)
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