31 October 2013

There's only 365 days left until next Halloween! // Tattoo Time!

Let me start this off by wishing you all a 'Happy Halloween!' 
I hope you all enjoy the parties and treats you're all going to enjoy tonight while I'm at work! I've had my celebrations (which were last weekend) so it's okay, I can chomp down on all the left over sweets tomorrow. However time to move on to bigger and maybe even better things!
Like I said in my 'returning' post I had an exciting thing to share with you all that happened yesterday! I know many of you may already know and have seen it through facebook/instagram/twitter and what not but I just knew I had to post this baby, because not only am I so proud of it and want to show everyone, I feel it gives more insight to me and who I am as a person....

So yesterday I went and got my first tattoo! I turned 18 last Wednesday (I'll blog about that too don't worry!) and I decided to go all out for it and get a tattoo. I knew exactly what I wanted, I'm not sure of the exact meaning behind them and why they are so important. All I know is that they are perfect, on me forever and that is good with me! It is huuuge (to me) and detailed and took around 4/5 hours, safe to say me and Chris were stiff by the time he had finished the shading! So without further ado here you are guys! 
Okay people the one on the left is just the outline done, which took 2 hours! The one on the right is literally 5 minutes after Chris finished it, 4 and a half hours later... Very sore and very bloody but amazing. I feel like Jack and Sally were captured perfectly.
These next photos were taken at about 9:30pm last night, I wondered how they would look under a SLR lense (the two above are just iPhone camera quality) so I asked my boyfriend to take a few snaps of them.
This next one is a personal favorite of mine, just because. I look so damn pleased!
The guy that did my work goes by the name of @chriscolour on instagram and he is amazing, so check out his work - he does a lot of colour but he wants to do a lot more black and white shading. All I can say is that I want more and more, specially from him because this is perfect. In fact I'm already thinking about booking my next one, I just need the cash. I think next time round it has to be Victor and his Corpse Bride to complete the set! One thing I will say is that yes it did hurt, the outline was completely fine apart from some parts but the shading was a bitch.

They are so worth the money, pain and time it took and I want my next one now!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png
ps. sweets to all who can guess where the title of this post came from! ;)


  1. Ahhhh it looks sooo nice, the design is so beautiful :3 x

  2. This is gorgeous! I love it.

    I suppose I'm the only one to never have watched The Nightmare Before Christmas then? :/
    Laura x

    1. Thank you! :) it doesn't matter if you haven't but it is a fab film! xo

  3. That's so unbelievably gorgeous! I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween every year. I am debating getting my first tattoo for my 21st birthday.

    1. You should! It's such a thrilling experience and thank you, I'm so proud of it :) xo


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