30 June 2013

No7's Moisture Drench in Mulberry

 photo DSC_7938_zps900ead89.jpg
 photo DSC_7943_zps19d3e0b7.jpg
(yes there are some teeth marks where I tried to screw the lippy back down and caught me teeth :c )
 photo DSC_7948_zpseeb49f5b.jpg
R.R.P - £9.50

This lipstick purely is amazing. My mum got given this No7 lippy and she offered me it and I was a bit like 'meh it's pink I don't really like it' and then Hayley mentioned in it a video on our collab channel and I thought, I need that! By the off chance I realized the lippy that was given was not only No7 but also this shade, dream come true! Since nabbing this I have just worn it constantly, it's become my new favorite shade besides from red. It's not normally a colour I would go for and upon trying it for the first time I still felt like 'oh good lord that looks terrible' but the shade has really grown on me.
 photo DSC_7947_zps0b3d15d7.jpg
It has wonderful pigmentation and when applying it feels more like a balm then a lippy which means no smudges AND it doesn't bleed! It really is a dream come true for me because I tend to stick to matte lipsticks. I will definitely repurchase this colour and maybe even a red to see if the quality is just as good! The lasting power is also very good, I do reapply after a few hours due to habit but I would give this around 3/4 hours which is pretty damn goood. (This post is so photo heavy but the colour is just gorgeous so it's okay!)
& this is what it looks like on!! (yes taken with my iPhone whoops)
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29 June 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to ellelouisee & GIVEAWAY!

Whoops, silly me thought my blog birthday was today when it was actually on the 27th whoops! However happy 1st birthday to ellelouisee! It sure has been a very fun year, I've gone from 0 followers to over 200 and plus many wonderful new friends and a collaborative beauty YTchannel! Wow I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that reads my blog day in day out that takes the time to comment, you're all wonderful and mean the world to me! 
However on to the more important/fun stuff! I thought to celebrate my blogs birthday I would run a little giveaway, the prizes include some of my fave pieces so I hope you enjoy too!
If you enter you can be in with a chance of winning...
Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose
Soap & Glory's Sample Size Hand Food
Soap & Glory's Sample Size Flake Away body scrub
Soap & Glory's Sample Size The Righteous Body Butter
Barry M's Nail Polish in 279 Bright Pink 
(if you would like a different shade just let me know!)
 photo DSC_8039_zps5d6b9d82.jpg
 photo DSC_8042_zps732deaba.jpg
It runs from today until July 28th so you have a whole month to enter!

I hope these little goodies fit the bill for you all! There are some entries on this giveaway that are mandatory such as following on such but go right ahead and enter with the rafflecopter below!

Good luck everyone! :)
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25 June 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo's - Metallic Pomegranate & on and On Bronze

 photo DSC_7929_zps394591e5.jpg
 photo DSC_7930_zps55d5c275.jpg
R.R.P - £4.99

Why have I not picked these up before????? These are amazing! I've always been a little funny on creme eye shadows, maybe because I think they'll feel weird on my eyes. But damn I was so wrong. These feel so amazing on my lids, as if they aren't even their at all! I tend to apply these with my Real Techniques Detailer brush (until I get my eye shadow brushes) and they apply so well and smoothly, they almost glide along my lids.
 photo DSC_7933_zps25fe0095.jpg
For £4.99 each they are an absolute bargain, I want all the colours! These two I picked are Metallic Pomegranate and On and On Bronze but I've also been eyeing up the bright gold and smokey grey colour. They are beyond pigmented, even with the tiniest amount on the brush you get a great transfer to the lid meaning these babies are going to last me ages! I mean the swatches really show how gorgeous these shades are.
 photo DSC_7937_zps5beb5e9c.jpg
Although the colours here look very similar (on and on bronze being the bottom) I can assure you Metallic Pomegranate is a wonderful plummy colour and On and On Bronze being a gorgeous bronze colour that isn't too dark. I absolutely love these eye shadows, I can guarantee you'll soon see a FOTD with them very soon!
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24 June 2013

Lush: Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar Review

(Hello everyone I am back, sorry about the absence I had tons of A Level exams to deal with and tons of hours at work meaning I was just too tired to blog :( however yay for summer being just around the corner!)
 photo DSC_7737_zps57aa2527.jpg
R.R.P - £2.90

Lush Says - "Practically perfect in every way, pop this mandarin and orange flower bubble bar into your tub for mounds of bright bubbles."

This bomb sure did deliver, look at all these bubbles, with bright green water too! Now I know what you're thinking, 'ewww green water!' but this bath bomb was ever so lovely. The more I use Lush bath bombs the more I seem to really love them! My favorite bit about this one was the gorgeous decoration of the little flower contrasting with the bright green colour. However for the 'overall bath experience' the scent of the bomb was ever so relaxing (I like to use them before going to work!) and sure did make me skin feel ever so smooth.
 photo DSC_7738_zpsd4c6c763.jpg
 photo DSC_7745_zps9fcaf31b.jpg

I absolutely loved this bath bomb and have to get my mitts on some more! Anyone got any recommendations for me? :) 
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19 June 2013

I Won a Giveaway! #3

 photo DSC_7896_zpsfb34bc4e.jpg
Turns out little old me won another giveaway, how fab is that! This one was hosted by an amazing friend of mine Hayley (go check her blog out it's amazing!) and I won a gorgeous little set of skincare samples. It was a wonderful little giveaway and even if I hadn't of won I'd of bought myself this little set because it's so damn cute!
 photo DSC_7898_zpsa891a2f8.jpg
 photo DSC_7903_zpse54b0b12.jpg
With the gorgeous little set of skincare samples you also get a muslin cloth (which I currently use to remove my Good Things cleanser!) which is a wonderful little extra as I've been wanting to try one out forever. I've gotten to the stage where I just hate flannels, their just too rough!
 photo DSC_7907_zps91a889fe.jpg
This little set retails for £6 on the Pai website which for 6 samples ain't bad at all! However as you can see most of the samples are moisturizers which is slightly disappointing as I'm currently trying out eye creams. Also the book you get with the set goes into detail on what products should be tried with what skin type. However I can't really complain, this was a gorgeous little set to win from Hayley and I can't wait to try out my first sample! 
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

12 June 2013

MAC Mineralize Blush in "Gentle" - Review

 photo DSC_7861_zpse4878131.jpg
 photo DSC_7889_zps6e8cf168.jpg
 photo DSC_7864_zps5017ba56.jpg
R.R.P - £19

First of all, how gorgeous is this colour??? I absolutely adore it - however if I'd have bought this for myself I would not of gone for this colour at first so I'm glad it was a present! My auntie has a habit of buying gorgeous pricey products she turns out not to like so in return me or my mum get them! (yay). In the pan it looks like a shimmery pink colour, however on the skin there's no shimmer and a soft pink colour which I absolutely adore.

I've seen from other reviews that it doesn't last as long as normal blushes (not that I'd know) but for me it lasts a full day at college or work and it looks wonderful, plus I don't need a lot of product so it's going to last me a long time! I'm so glad I got given this blusher, it's now a staple item in my daily make up, it's so gorgeous for casual everyday wear and it could be built up in colour for a night out!
 photo DSC_7866_zps12cef2a4.jpg
Look how gorgeous it looks just swatched! I am so in love with this product as due to the fact it's a mineralize blush I feel it melts right into my foundation and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb like some blushers I've had. I'm really tempted to whisk myself off to a MAC counter and buy myself another one! It does seem rather pricey at £19 but it seems incredibly worth it and wonderful as a nice treat!
And here it is on! As you can see it's a gorgeous pink colour that just sits nicely on top with my foundation and to me just looks perfect! :) 
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

9 June 2013

No7 Match Foundation - Stay Perfect

 photo DSC_0113_zpscd2cff82.jpg
 photo DSC_0111_zpse885cef5.jpg
 photo DSC_0115_zps8d6cb5ae.jpg
R.R.P - £14

Now I've been using this foundation for what seems like months now and I've only just thought to review it! One day I was in town with Tom and I just thought 'let's do it!' I was sick to death of buying foundations that despite being the lightest shade they were always too dark. So instead I got myself skin matched and it's been a love affair since then! For a foundation it is pricey (to me anyway!) but Boot's are aaaalways giving out No7 vouchers so I thought why not and I got this for about £12 at the time.

The bottle is quite big and I do have to say this has lasted me about 2/3 months? I asked the lady at the counter how often I would need to replace it and she said 3 weeks... ohhhh. I use a lot when applying too so I've no idea what she was on about! It gives really great even coverage but it doesn't look thick and cakey or make me look shiny (which is a nooono!) which I do like. I can apply it in a morning, wear it all day at college and be home around 5/6pm and it's still on.

One flaw for this with me though was that my skin is rather oily and I do prefer a matt finish. However there is the 'beautifully matt' version of my colour (which is the lightest!) the shade calico, which is around £13 which I think I might have to try when I run this bottle down. Since purchasing this I've been looking for a casual founation to wear to work but found that nothing works better than this shade wise so it is perfect.

After the lady had skin matched me she applied it and boy did I look a shade darker, I think some body needs to teach her to apply foundation because I actually had a foundation mark around my neck and cheeks, ugh! 

 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

6 June 2013

My Everyday Make Up!

I've never shown you all my make up routine for every day so here I am, this was done for my collab channel of Paperbacks & Beautyfacts (find us here.) The video is very shaky (some silly movie maker effect oops!) and I do pop in and out of shot because I was more focused on the mirror. However I do hope you enjoy this, I really enjoyed filming it and I hope to re-film without the shakes and me in full shot for my own channel in a few months.
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5 June 2013

Nail Challenge #2 - Rimmel's Caramel Cupcake

 photo DSC_0038_zps865605c5.jpg

I only have the one photo of this nail set as I'd taken it ages ago with my old camera and forgot about it! This is the second post into my nail challenge where I see if all my old polishes are worth keeping. This is one of my mums that I've now claimed for my own, I always wanted to try out nude colours but I never knew what to go for. However this colour is just right. 

I only tend to wear colours for a week before taking them off for work but this didn't chip at all. As I don't really know what to use I never base coat or top coat so I'm impressed with the wear of this colour. It also dried very quickly (60 seconds!) and didn't smudge at all during the drying process, impressive!

I'll definitely be keeping this colour as it's gorgeous and very wearable, I think I need to pick up some more of these colours, there are some gorgeous shades, very shiny and also wear time is perfect for me and my mum can share them too!

You can pick this up from Boots for £3.69

 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

4 June 2013

Barry M's Lip Changing Wonder!

 photo DSC_7819_zpsc437fdb9.jpg
 photo DSC_7824_zps68cfaf26.jpg
 photo DSC_7820_zpsbdabd954.jpg
(This swatch had a good few coats just to build up the colour!)

Let's just kick off with the fact that yes, it is bright green!
I remember picking this up with my mum months ago and laughing over the fact it was bright green and only a fool would wear it, little did I know that the lippy is in fact pink!! After reading the lovely Helen's review of it I just knew I had to get one for myself, I'm not a big pink lover but I've been after one for a while that wasn't too bright but not too light and as this changes with your skin tone I thought this would be the perfect one to try out.

It applies sheer with absolutely no green in sight and starts to develop straight away to the alkali pH of your lips, making the perfect pink lippy to suit your skin tone after around 30 seconds. This is perfect as the colour does last all day! You can keep applying to darken the colour but I ended up just applying a lip balm over the top and it worked a treat, it lasted all day with eating and drinking. Plus the transfer is incredible, my boyfriend hates colour on my lips because he doesn't like to kiss me with it, however this just stayed in place on my lips and didn't budge onto his, perfect! 

It also stains your lips which is perfect if you don't like to reapply, it was totally worth the £5.49 I paid for it and it's currently part of my everyday make up I love it that much. However I do wish it had a name, 'TMLP' is a rather odd name however it's a wonderful lippy. 

And this is how it looks on me!
 photo DSC_7833_zpsafb461ff.jpg
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

3 June 2013

Boot's Skincare Haul // Video

 photo DSC_0068_zpsad4563c1.jpg
A couple of weeks ago I hunted around for some new skincare in Boot's to improve not only my daily routine but also my skin and this is what I bought! I filmed a haul video on Youtube and I thought I'd share it all with you today :) Having had the chance to use all of these products for a while I can safely say I love all of them and you can see reviews and some other new bits I bought soon!
I bought:
Good Things Stay Clear Cleanser - £4.99
Nivea Daily Essentials Primer (Dry/Sensitive Skin) - £3.99
Witch Blemish Stick - £2.89
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub - £4.99
Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll on - £6.68 (£8.99 normally)
L'Oreal Make Up Remover - £3.99 (I think)
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png

1 June 2013

A-Z of me: C

C is for Classics

Yes I am sorry, another letter dedicated to books! I was going to go with chicken as I love Nando's and Mcdonald's share boxes but I didn't really know what to say and I had no pictures to share, so my love of classic books came next! :)
 photo DSC_7761_zpsb4278b79.jpg
I don't have a massive collection and most of them are either secondhand or Penguin's classics but I aim to get them all with pretty colours hopefully by the end of this year! I tend to pick them up cheaply because after all their old and I don't want to fork out £8/9 (stingy!!) however these ones were all gifts 3 of which I've read, only Crime & Punishment to go!
 photo DSC_7762_zpsf70a32d2.jpg
Now these ones are much prettier. The black over ones are from a cheap bookshop in Beverly I think there were around £2.99 each, bargain! I haven't actually read any of these yet I tried The Moonstone a couple on months ago but I had other books I wanted to get my teeth into so I cast it aside, however they all sound pretty amazing!
 photo DSC_7763_zpsc52070d0.jpg
I have to admit this baby is my favorite! I got bought Oliver Twist, Frankenstein and Dracula all at the same time and this is the one I went for first. I read it once and in the past few months after I read it another 3 times, I just love it. I love the idea of old traditional vampires and this one just stuck with me. I'm even planning on writing my A2 Language coursework on it as a contrast in horror novels, I'm excited!
 photo DSC_7767_zpsb5e71ad1.jpg
This is another favorite of mine, I bought this when I was around 13 and I just couldn't read it, I went back to is last year and I haven't looked back. I love the new film release as well, it's just a wonderful romance story. It does loose it's story slightly in the middle but it gets pulled back and the ending is fabulous. Another favorite which I need to buy a physical copy of is Pride and Prejudice, I could watch and read the story over and over and never tire of it. 
 photo DSC_7768_zps36bf6332.jpg
I even have a folder dedicated to classics on my kindle for when I'm on the go. I do need to read my way through quite a few of them and I will eventually buy them. I just love owning books!

What's your favorite 'classic' book?
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