31 December 2012

Spoilt Bunny & Merry Christmas!

Hello all and merry Christmas I hope you all had a fine one indeed, I know I did filled to the brim with Christmas food, alcohol and family fun. I know I've been slightly scarce on posts this past month but with the run up to Christmas I just haven't had the time what with finding and buying presents, wrapping them up and then giving them. Not to mention college and work, lets say it all got a little hectic.

However on to the fun stuff, I like many other people got rather spoiled this Christmas, with many things I just wasn't expecting which is always lovely. So here is a little post just to show you all what I got. (This is in no way shape or form boasting of what I received  I just like to see this kind of posts and I hope you do too.) Bearing in mind I have 2 families and a lovely boyfriend to receive from. 
First off, my Soap & Glory collection. Just look at it! Most of this I received out of the big £60 gift set (reduced to £27) I received off my lovely boyfriend and the other bits and bobs of family members. It all smells so amazing, I can't wait to try everything out.
Bits and bobs here included a gorgeous hand stitched journal from Paperchase (I've been lusting them all year long!) an egg cup thing filled with bath bombs, lip balms and a really nice smelling Lush set which was a lovely surprise. 
Being the bookworm I am I got bought quite a few books as well as 1-4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory as well as a ton of chocolate like always. Since going up in bra sizes I got some gorgeous bra's bought from Debenhams and a really nice studded black biker jacket. 

As you can see I'm a spoilt but very happy little bunny. Also I got given money of other various relatives and also my gorgeous Galaxy Tablet in white from my dad. And in return everyone got a well loved present from me. On Christmas day we all had a rather big surprise before starting our meal, my mums boyfriend of nearly 4 years got down on one knee and proposed to her, which I think was terribly romantic!
two of my favorite presents
gorgeous little yankee candle set up from my boyfriends mum & my galaxy tab

The new year is rolling around so quick too! The idea of 2013 is ever so scary, my 2nd year of college, turning 18 and my boyfriend turning 20 and our year anniversary eek! I haven't even had chance for my own little spending spree in the sales, which I think will be on today's agenda and then I'll be spending the eve with my boyfriend and a few vodka redbulls. With the new year will come new posts and inspiration, I mean I have all these wonderful products to review! I also hit 150 followers while I was away, thank you to all you wonderful bloggers! Hopefully in the near future there'll be a giveaway!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year! :)

17 December 2012

The Power of the Tablet!

I remember when the iPad's were released and I wanted one, so badly. I have always really loved the idea of having a tablet, sure a laptop is good but when I'm at college having a tablet would be rather handy, especially when I need a computer and there's absolutely none of them free. So this is what's on my Christmas list this year. 
This tablet either comes with a 10.1" screen with 16G of memory or a 7" screen with 8G of memory. Don't they look gorgeous?

The 10.1" screen tab at £238 is an absolute bargain with 16G of memory and a memory card slot for extra memory. It's on an Android software with the Google Play store. It looks absolutely huge in that picture and you can get it in white which is an added bonus. Really, what I want it for is obviously searching the web, blogging and all sorts but also the bigger screen allows me to use it for college comfortably when typing up work or researching because I don't have to hunt down a computer. While the 7" tab is much cheaper at £158 it's also got a much smaller memory at 8G and a smaller screen, not so good. Also I love the idea of a tablet, much like a computer apart from you don't have to wait for it to boot up and what not. I feel that this type of quality at this price is a sure bargain. Plus I love the fact I'll be able to curl up in bed with it and read my books, play games or chat to people. Also the next best thing is that I can get my Kindle on there with all of my books, perfect!

I obviously have other smaller things on my Christmas list but this is my 'big' present that I'm hopefully going to go and get tomorrow!

Would you ever get a tablet?

11 December 2012

The Perfect Party Dress

1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2
Now all girls want the perfect party dress with the shoes to match, I know I do. So here is a small collection of a few my favourite dresses I've seen recently. Bearing in mind Christmas is coming up and I would love a new dress for Christmas Day and New Years Eve. I feel as if some of these are perfect. My favourite out of these has to be the first one with the lace arms which I've fallen in love with or the black and white polka dot one simply because of the lace collar. I would willing wear any of these dresses over the Christmas period as they are all gorgeous. I've been a big lover of boots this winter and these one from Topshop are absolutely to die for, I just wish they wasn't £95 (!!), maybe Santa will bring them. I also really liked the spiked wedges, I've never worn wedges however these ones would look lovely with any of the dresses. Most of these outfits I would pair with simple eye makeup and bright lips.

Despite most of these items being way out of my price range they are incredibly gorgeous. Do you have any favourites?

10 December 2012

The Christmas Tag!

I adore Christmas, especially this year now I actually have a job and can buy people really nice, (expensive) presents which I've always wanted to do so.  Despite not knowing my plans for this Christmas I'm excited as ever! (I have no idea when I'm seeing my boyfriend or my dad eek..) I have a big family and with this Christmas I have to juggle work and see them all, it's going to be a challenge. Like most people I have all my Christmas wrapping to do as well as some last minute shopping! All I know is that the tree is up and I'm excited.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Well I love a lot of things about Christmas, I like the fact that no matter what the family always comes together and has a really good time, we laugh about, joke and tell stories of when me and my brother were younger, also the fact everyone gets drunk. I also enjoy seeing the faces of people when they open the presents I've bought them, such a good feeling.

What is your favorite make up look for the festive season?
This time of year I love pale skin, winged eyeliner and ruby lipstick. However if I'm having a chill day it'll be smokey eye shadow and a pale lip gloss/lip balm.

Real or fake tree?
I would love a fake tree but I feel they would be too messy and my dog would tear it apart. This year my mum bought a small white tree and decorated white and purple and it looks amazing. I also love putting presents under the tree.

Giving presents or receiving presents?
Although I love receiving presents (who doesn't?!) as I've got older I've started to enjoy giving them much more. For example this year I can't wait to see the faces of my mum, my boyfriend and everyone else when they open their presents. It's so exciting.

Do you open you Christmas presents morning or evening?
Well it depends where I am. If I'm at my dad's Christmas morning it'll be out at bed at 7am with my little brother to open them. But if I'm at home I tend to give myself a little lie in and get up around 8/9 however I still always go to my mums room first.

Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
There is something so lovely about hand-made cards however you can get some gorgeous bought ones too. I don't mind either way, it's the thought that counts :)

What is your favorite Christmas film?
The Grinch or Elf, two movies I can watch over and over and never get tired of!

What is your favorite Christmas food?
At Christmas I prefer all the sweets to the hot food (yes I'm weird) so I'm going to say the mini chedders in the big tubes, chocolate oranges and the big tins of sweets.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever you have planned!

How gorgeous is all of this??

9 December 2012

Sunday Funday!

Everyone loves Sunday's right? I have my on/off days with them. When I'm working Sunday's I hate them and I just don't get my sleep in that I've been looking forward too. However when I'm not working Sunday's it's utter bliss, I get a long lovely lie in and my boyfriend comes over and we get McDonald's breakfast and we just chill out for the day.

Today however I had work at 11:30, always a lovely start. However when I came home at half 3 I decided to start my Christmas wrapping, I love wrapping presents because everyone looks wonderful all stacked up and I just can't wait to give them out, I bought the cutest wrapping paper ever and our tree this year looks gorgeous :)
(this is only about half of what I need to do..)

Also recently this week I've been reading 'Interview with a Vampire' for my college English Language coursework which is always good because it's one of my favorite books and I've been snuggling up with lots of hot chocolates. The coming week I'm off all week and working the weekend so expect some more posts from me and I break up for the holidays on the 20th so I can't wait for long lie ins!
I also booked The Hobbit for me and my boyfriend on the 14th which is our 10 month anniversary // Current reads and hot chocolate // our gorgeous tree with my favorite colour decor // i'm now back to being brunette!

I found a lovely quote today from the Kiera Knightly 'Pride and Prejudice' which I absolutely adore:
“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment.”

Have you had a good week?

6 December 2012

Busy Bee!

I've been a bad blogger I know, very bad indeed. I've been ever so busy these past few weeks, I've been working a lot, coursework has started at college and I've been Christmas shopping and spending a lot of time with my boyfriend and I haven't had much time to myself. However I will get more back into blogging as the holidays are coming up and Christmas will soon be over so I may cut my hours down at work. Today for you I have some purchases to show from when I spent a lovely weekend in Beverly!
Now I had a lovely little day out with my mum, auntie and grandma in Beverly, as it was a cold day we stopped off for a drink in Cafe Nero and had a lovely pub lunch with big burgers all round. I ended up buying some gorgeous little items as well! Also featured are my two pens from Paperchase which make writing at college so much nicer.

I got 2 pairs of jeans and the stripey top out of New Look for such a bargain! I got the 3 'classic' books for under a fiver out of a lovely little bookshop and I can't wait to sink my teeth in! I also had a little visit to the big Paperchase they have (heh) I ended up buying a new notebook for a college subject and I got 2 lovely little pens and a notebook for general items. I got the little Westie place mat for mum for Christmas she adores them and I decided to buy myself an advent calendar because I needed one for this year! I love the month were you get chocolate for breakfast. 

Moving on to the make up side! Out of boots I bought the Collection 2000 mascara and got the free Bedazzel  nail polish which looks amazing on! I then went to Superdrug who had an amazing 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics and I ended up getting and MUA lipgloss, new face powder and my trusty eyeliner from Collection 2000. 

Overall I didn't spend as much as I thought as I got some lovely bargains. Since then I've tried the free nail polish and it looks fab on which I'm grateful I picked up. In the coming days from me you can expect some small reviews on my favorite items from the past few weeks, my empties from November and also my December She Said Beauty Box when it arrives. I know this post is rather overdue as are some others but I hope you can forgive me, this time of month does get rather stressful. I still haven't done all of my Christmas shopping either boohoo.

However one question, have you done all your Christmas shopping? :) 

22 November 2012

Christmas Shopping!

I now have a working memory card for my camera which means more posting so sorry about the small hiatus. This week I went Christmas shopping because I got paid on Tuesday and I also treated myself to some little bits and bobs! I did spend a great deal but some things haven't arrived but I've done well so far and only have a few more presents to get! :)

first picture; lush - snow fairy gift box,  biggest bottle of snow fairy & bubblegum lip scrub, TRESemme shampoo (£2 in asda heh), licorice sweets for a friend, paul smith aftershave for the boyfriend, botanics day cream, wooly hat and dressing grown from primark, i also got a lovely deal on krispy kreme doughts which was 24 for £8... i did share don't worry!

third picture; lovely wrapping paper and tags, cute penguin cards for work friends, close family cards, more TRESemme shampoo & condition, more sweets for friends and also my little brother.

Overall you can probably see that I spent a lot.. However I am sorted for Christmas and I'm so happy I can say that! I ended up treating myself to the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which smells/tastes amazing I love it! I also stocked up on my favorite shampoo due to a brilliant bargain, a lovely wooly hat and a new dressing gown which are both so so soft. I also got the Krispy Kreme doughnuts on a whim and shared them all with a few friends me and my boy met up with. 

I'll probably have another Christmas update soon round about my next payday, still so much to buy! Plus I want my own big bottle of snow fairy! I've seen some lovely items that I would badly like for Christmas such as knee length docs filled with fair, it's just the £105 price tag does put me off a little. However this week has been lovely even being at college it's just a shame about the cold weather.

How's your week been so far?

18 November 2012

hello instagram 11

follow me of instagram: ellelouiseexo 
romantic meal with the boyfriend // cute vintage bag // pick n mix are my fave
cuddle time with molly // OOTD // curled my hair for a change

Things have been slightly hectic this week as it's been assessment week at college, yay! Basically everyone's timetables collapse and we all get given certain days on when to come in for our assessments  it worked out wonderfully for me as I got all day Thursday and Friday off! This meant cuddles in bed for me and my boyfriend and lots of films.

Also this week me and my boyfriend went out for a lovely meal and a free game of bowling (thank you work!) and being the man he is, he got a pound burger with the cheese and bacon off my burger *shakes head*. However this gave me chance to dress up a little and use my gorgeous little vintage bag which was a lovely change. He also bought me a gorgeous lipstick, one of the new Kate Moss ones which is so die for!

Also payday is coming up so I decided to make all my Christmas lists for everyone and work out the costs so no doubt in the coming week you'll have a Christmas related wishlist. I also attended an awards evening this week at my old high school and I got a book voucher for excellent GCSE results so I ended up buying Girl: Interrupted and Perks of Being a Wallflower, I can't wait to start reading them!

This week I had my second review go up about Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling so if you'd like to check it out it would mean the world to me :) I've been more active in the blogging world this week and I hope it stays that way for next week., I just need to find the time to share all my goodies with you all!

Also tonight I'm going to see my gorgeous baby niece called Faith, I'm so excited to see her because she looks absolutely gorgeous from the pictures. Can't wait to watch her grow up, the little cutie!

How has your week been?

15 November 2012

Style Icon - Paloma Faith

You may not agree with me here but I think that Paloma Faith has such an amazing dress sense like Helena Bonham Carter despite it being a little wacky and outrageous. Also from seeing her on chat shows and comedy shows she seems like a lovely and friendly person. Not only is she gorgeous with amazing fashion sense she also has an MA from Leeds University and an out of this world singing voice. 

Thinking to myself when I first saw her on Celebrity Juice "This girl has style and she knows how to dress up!" Her outfits are quirky and just full of fun. They are a mix of glamour and pure vintage especially depending on how she's styled her hair. She dresses as if every day is her last and she always looks drop dead gorgeous and amazing.

She dresses as if her outfits always have a theme and I really appreciate that as obviously she puts a lot of hard work into her outfits. For example below is one of my favorite photos. She gives a 'lady like' feel to Gothic scene. She looks amazing and retro all the time keeping in the modern time. 

Also her hair is another prime example of her effort. Whether it be victory rolls, beehives or curls she can pull it off. She always decorates with big fancy bows or clips which in my opinion really does finish the outfit off. I think she could literally pull off any hair style and the rich red head colour she wears suits her perfectly. She wears the colour well and with sophistication. Lets just say if I had a hair crush and could have anyone's hair and styles it would definitely be her by a mile!

What do you think to Paloma's style?

13 November 2012

Freebies from Family Members!

Don't you just love it when you visit a family member and they give you old cast offs of make up they either don't like or have never used. I do! My auntie is a prime example. Now I love my auntie to bits and I don't see her very much so when I do go round it's a treat for the both of us. She's ever so helpful whether it be books or make up she's there to help!
Now I've had these pictures sitting away on my computer forever on what I got from her a while ago simply because I was feeling a little dumb on the whole 'skin care routine' as my mums never quite helped out. As you can see my auntie is very giving simply because she may have the products to spare or maybe she just didn't like them/didn't use them. 
These are so of my favorite products she gave me. The book - well I'm simply a sucker for good books and my auntie has amazing taste! The other products however I was in dire need of to complete my skin care routine. She gave a me a cheap Boots cleanser & toner for my routine as well as eye make up wipes and some cotton pads. I also got the girly Lynx as she hates spray on deodorants and I rather like the smell of this one. 
Other bits and bobs included make up! Now some people think cast off make up quite gross but through my auntie I can explore different types of make up and brands without paying the price tag that sometimes is a little too much to explore a product! The reason why my auntie is so good at this is because we have similar skin tones (me and my mum are completely different) so the products we would both use are quite similar in the shades. One of my favorite things she gave me was all the lip balms I got a gorgeous Paperchase one and a Plamers Coca Butter which smells amazing.

Among this little haul I got MAC lip-glosses  Body Shop eyeliner, mascara and a gorgeous shade of foundation. I also got a lovely set of Soap & Glory eye shadows which I would never normally pick up. I also got a BB cream and a concealer - 2 products I've been desperately wanting to try out but had no idea where to start. 

Already from this little freebie haul I've got products I'm itching to repurchase despite the price tag being a little expensive. The foundation given to me was from Body Shop and costs around £13, normally I would say no (I may sound a little stingy when it comes to make up prices but I am a student with my first job so I aren't quite use to spending yet.)  but because of this I know it really suits my skin tone, is easy to take off and doesn't have a 'heavy feeling' that some foundations have. Sometimes like me all you need is a little push in the right direction for make up :)