13 November 2012

Freebies from Family Members!

Don't you just love it when you visit a family member and they give you old cast offs of make up they either don't like or have never used. I do! My auntie is a prime example. Now I love my auntie to bits and I don't see her very much so when I do go round it's a treat for the both of us. She's ever so helpful whether it be books or make up she's there to help!
Now I've had these pictures sitting away on my computer forever on what I got from her a while ago simply because I was feeling a little dumb on the whole 'skin care routine' as my mums never quite helped out. As you can see my auntie is very giving simply because she may have the products to spare or maybe she just didn't like them/didn't use them. 
These are so of my favorite products she gave me. The book - well I'm simply a sucker for good books and my auntie has amazing taste! The other products however I was in dire need of to complete my skin care routine. She gave a me a cheap Boots cleanser & toner for my routine as well as eye make up wipes and some cotton pads. I also got the girly Lynx as she hates spray on deodorants and I rather like the smell of this one. 
Other bits and bobs included make up! Now some people think cast off make up quite gross but through my auntie I can explore different types of make up and brands without paying the price tag that sometimes is a little too much to explore a product! The reason why my auntie is so good at this is because we have similar skin tones (me and my mum are completely different) so the products we would both use are quite similar in the shades. One of my favorite things she gave me was all the lip balms I got a gorgeous Paperchase one and a Plamers Coca Butter which smells amazing.

Among this little haul I got MAC lip-glosses  Body Shop eyeliner, mascara and a gorgeous shade of foundation. I also got a lovely set of Soap & Glory eye shadows which I would never normally pick up. I also got a BB cream and a concealer - 2 products I've been desperately wanting to try out but had no idea where to start. 

Already from this little freebie haul I've got products I'm itching to repurchase despite the price tag being a little expensive. The foundation given to me was from Body Shop and costs around £13, normally I would say no (I may sound a little stingy when it comes to make up prices but I am a student with my first job so I aren't quite use to spending yet.)  but because of this I know it really suits my skin tone, is easy to take off and doesn't have a 'heavy feeling' that some foundations have. Sometimes like me all you need is a little push in the right direction for make up :) 


  1. Whoa, your aunt is VERY generous. Wish I had family like her she sounds awesome :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. She is amazing, she is simply because she spends a lot of her money on make up :') xxx


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