11 November 2012

Hello Sunday!

Yay it's finally Sunday one of the best days on the week - apart from Friday. For a change I'm not actually at work today, how lovely! I'm either going to be spending the day catching up on some good 'ol books and watching some films. I may even be seeing my dad today however I'm not too sure. I've had a rather lovely week spent mostly at college but also with my lovely boyfriend. He came to my house one night and brought me a gorgeous little surprise in the shape of flowers. I've never actually been given flowers so it was a lovely little treat.
I had a day off this Thursday due to college training days and what not so I spent it at my boyfriends making a little  ginger bread house and brownies! They tasted so divine but you wouldn't tell from the picture. I've got a busy week coming up - Assessment Week! 3 hour blocks of all my college lessons but apart from that I get all of Thursday and Friday off which is quite wonderful I have to admit.  I also got paid this week and I'm sat to sad it's all gone this week. Boohoo, however I did buy this gorgeous coat, I literally fell in love with it!

What I've Been Loving This Week
This is such a cute & wonderful idea. I'd love to do this for my boyfriend at Christmas!
How wonderful is this?? I love cats so if I had a kitchen this would definitely be up!

Like I said I have a big week ahead of me so instead films and reading I'll probably be revising hard later today! However I can't wait until next payday which is just under a week and a bit away! I'm getting quite a big chunk this time round so it'll be mass Christmas shopping for me! I'm ever so excited and I've already got my lists for everyone planned and maybe a cheeky little giveaway for you all.

How are you spending your Sunday?

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