12 November 2012

Weleda - Wild Rose Night Cream

Retails at £14.95 - 30ml.

Now I was rather excited to review this product which came in this month's SSB box! At first I really enjoyed the scent as I had smelt it when I had first opened my box. The reason why I was so excited for this product as it is a night cream. Now I've seen lots of good things about night creams and how they are a must within your skin care routine so I was excited!

I've been using it every night before bed this week and I know it's not a very long time to use and then review the product but I found some faults within the first time of using. Now at first glance (or smell) the scent was rather nice and different to other scents of night cream so I rather liked it. However after applying to my face for a few nights I got bored of the smell and really began to dislike it. Maybe it's just me but I rather dislike the 'wild rose' smell as it is rather overpowering.

However I decided to carry on using it despite the smell. In a morning my skin did feel rather nice and refreshed however another problem. After applying on a night the cream would take a long time to sink in and well I just though that was how it worked however half an hour after applying my skin just felt greasy as if I'd not taken my make up off which really did put me off. I carried on using and got the same problem every time after applying. Also I noticed on the first application that the cream was actually an off yellow colour which really put me off and as I like plain and neutral creams. 

Despite liking the idea of night creams I don't think this one is really for me. I don't like the smell all that much as it is overpowering and also I don't like the greasy feeling after being applied and also it just takes forever to skin in whereas my normal moisturizer takes merely minutes. I would not repurchase at all, I wasn't overly impressed. I think if I do start using night creams I'll have to scope around for a nice one which suits my skin.

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