15 November 2012

Style Icon - Paloma Faith

You may not agree with me here but I think that Paloma Faith has such an amazing dress sense like Helena Bonham Carter despite it being a little wacky and outrageous. Also from seeing her on chat shows and comedy shows she seems like a lovely and friendly person. Not only is she gorgeous with amazing fashion sense she also has an MA from Leeds University and an out of this world singing voice. 

Thinking to myself when I first saw her on Celebrity Juice "This girl has style and she knows how to dress up!" Her outfits are quirky and just full of fun. They are a mix of glamour and pure vintage especially depending on how she's styled her hair. She dresses as if every day is her last and she always looks drop dead gorgeous and amazing.

She dresses as if her outfits always have a theme and I really appreciate that as obviously she puts a lot of hard work into her outfits. For example below is one of my favorite photos. She gives a 'lady like' feel to Gothic scene. She looks amazing and retro all the time keeping in the modern time. 

Also her hair is another prime example of her effort. Whether it be victory rolls, beehives or curls she can pull it off. She always decorates with big fancy bows or clips which in my opinion really does finish the outfit off. I think she could literally pull off any hair style and the rich red head colour she wears suits her perfectly. She wears the colour well and with sophistication. Lets just say if I had a hair crush and could have anyone's hair and styles it would definitely be her by a mile!

What do you think to Paloma's style?


  1. As much as I love her quirkiness altogether, my favourite thing about her style is her lipsticks. She can pull off pretty much every colour, I love it! :)
    Mia x

    1. Yes! Her lips always look so good, I'm a little jealous :( xx

  2. I love her style so much, especially her always-perfectly-styled hair. She always looks so classy yet still quirky!



    1. She always looks so perfect and classy. :) xx


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