22 November 2012

Christmas Shopping!

I now have a working memory card for my camera which means more posting so sorry about the small hiatus. This week I went Christmas shopping because I got paid on Tuesday and I also treated myself to some little bits and bobs! I did spend a great deal but some things haven't arrived but I've done well so far and only have a few more presents to get! :)

first picture; lush - snow fairy gift box,  biggest bottle of snow fairy & bubblegum lip scrub, TRESemme shampoo (£2 in asda heh), licorice sweets for a friend, paul smith aftershave for the boyfriend, botanics day cream, wooly hat and dressing grown from primark, i also got a lovely deal on krispy kreme doughts which was 24 for £8... i did share don't worry!

third picture; lovely wrapping paper and tags, cute penguin cards for work friends, close family cards, more TRESemme shampoo & condition, more sweets for friends and also my little brother.

Overall you can probably see that I spent a lot.. However I am sorted for Christmas and I'm so happy I can say that! I ended up treating myself to the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which smells/tastes amazing I love it! I also stocked up on my favorite shampoo due to a brilliant bargain, a lovely wooly hat and a new dressing gown which are both so so soft. I also got the Krispy Kreme doughnuts on a whim and shared them all with a few friends me and my boy met up with. 

I'll probably have another Christmas update soon round about my next payday, still so much to buy! Plus I want my own big bottle of snow fairy! I've seen some lovely items that I would badly like for Christmas such as knee length docs filled with fair, it's just the £105 price tag does put me off a little. However this week has been lovely even being at college it's just a shame about the cold weather.

How's your week been so far?


  1. I'm really wanting the Snow Fairy giftset, I've dropped hints to my boyfriend, so hopefully he took them ;)

    You've definitely got taste in gift buying :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. Why thank you, it smells gorgeous.. I just can't get over it :') x

  2. I really want that lush box set! It's so hard to stop myself from going out and getting it....I'd probably get a huge telling off if I did haha

    Gorgeous blog!



    1. Why thank you! Go out and buy it, treat yourself ^.^ x


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