31 October 2012

my monthly loves #1

Lip Balms
 Lip balms have been my absolute favorite this month! It's getting even colder outside which means my lips are even more sore. Over this year I've built up quite a little collection of mine and sometimes I'll use one for ages and then I'll swap which really is my downfall because I end up buying more and more of them and I don't really need them. However out of my small batch at the moment I think the Cocoa Butter and the Paperchase lemon balm's are my favorites. The both smell amazing and moisturize my lips really well!

My new iPod 160GB classic.
This right here is my new baby. Literally, I bought it with my birthday money I got last week and I only got chance it play with it and actually open it yesterday! It was certainly money well spent as I have been lusting after one of these for about a year now. I can now spend the rest of my life trying to fill up all 160GB of it, wish me luck! :-)

Birthday Presents!
This month I finally turned 17 and I got some lovely presents because of it. Above I think are my favorites! I got the gorgeous perfume of my lovely boyfriend and the cute little lip balm, sweets and Lush goody from my best friend. I had a wonderful day and I got lots of lovely little things.


What I've been reading: His Dark Materials Trilogy - Philip Pullman, Artemis Fowl Series - Eoin Colfer. Next on my list is the amazing Casual Vacancy - JK Rowling, so excited to start it!
Songs I've been listening too: New iPod always means new music! Mainly The Rocky Horror Soundtrack in preparation for next April when I go to the theater show. However not much music has taken my fancy this month.

What have you been loving this month?

29 October 2012

Tag: Why Do You Wear Make Up?

So I love these little tags and I though I'd share it with you all. Don't forget if you do the tag comment with the link and I'll check it out :-)

1. When did you begin to love make up?
I think I began to love it from quite a small age, I remember being little and I would sneak little peeks into my mums make up bag and also when I got to the age when I was given old cast off make up, either from my mum or auntie and I adore it, especially when I use to play dress up.

2. How do you feel without make up?
I know some girls generally can't leave the house without make up, but I'm not like that. I would happily walk out the door in a morning with no make up on, it hardly bothers me. However I do wear it daily because I like to make an effort for my boyfriend but also myself. I like applying it, I enjoy it. 

3. What do you like about make up?
I enjoy applying it, for example I like blending two eye shadows together or putting my lippy on and my winged eyeliner. I love how one look can totally change your face for example I look much different with eyeliner than I do if I wear eye shadow. I also love buying it, going scouting for the best deals and picking the best colours. 

4. Three 'Holy Grail' Items?
My collection 2000 face powder simply because it's easier and cheaper to use foundation some days. It covers up well, it doesn't last all day but I do apply concealer and small amounts of foundation so this covering on top of everything. 

Collection 2000 extreme felt eyeliner in black. This product is amazing and it's cheap. It can last me ages and is absolutely amazing to put on and so easy. It doesn't smudge and it last and lasts.

One of my many lip balms  I enjoy wearing lip gloss and lipstick however my boyfriend does tend to hate it so normally I just stick a bit of lip balm on when it's a college day. I like flavored ones the best however Asda have an amazing smelling one. 

Hello Instagram 09

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selfie // nail art! // new shoes // yummy dessert
ice cream at work // best bday pressie ever! // frankie & benny's breakfast before work // ordered my iPod
pink bath // i'm 17!!! // mmmh // birthday selfie
selfie 3 // sweets galore // presents from my boyf // new watch & pandora
cute pressies from my bestie // amazing college hot chocolate //selfie 4 - party time

I know these posts are meant to be done on a Sunday but to be honest I really haven't had the time, I've been so busy with work and college and the other blog I'm contributing too I've just been all over but here it is anyway :-) I've had a long week, but thankfully half term is here! That's right I get all of next week off and I'm choosing to spend it at work, working nearly 40 hours for lots of dosh, which is lovely!

Also it was my birthday this week, the big 17! I got some amazing presents and I bought some lovely things with my birthday money. It was also my grandad's 70th birthday and we had a huge party for him and I got to wear my lovely new black dress with the white collar - it's my favourite already! I'm also super excited for christmas, I've been making my list for myself and other people, I can't wait to start shopping properly for it!!

However that's it from me this week, I think I'm going to curl up with my boyfriend and watch a film. Posts may be a little slow in the coming week due to me being full time at work and overflowing with college work, however head on over to bloggers bookshelf as my first review will be up on the 3rd and also there'll be some reviews from others in the meantime. I'm so excited for it!

How has your week been?

27 October 2012

Book Challenge '12 #2

As you can see by my little widget for Goodreads in my sidebar I am now on 38 books out of 50, so not long to go now! I thought I'd share some of my most current reads with you and a small opinion. Most of my book reviews will be going up on the Bloggers Bookshelf blog (not fully running yet) but it will be soon! My first review is on November 2nd :)
His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman

This trilogy contains the books; Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife & The Amber Spyglass.
Now I read the first book of this trilogy as a small children of about 10 and never quite got on to reading the next two simply because people said they were 'too complicated' for me and now I do see what they meant. I finished reading these books about a week and a half ago and I literally sped through them. I ate them up rapidly, I absolutely adored these books. They were amazing, full of humour and love, crazy and scary situations and maybe even a 'is all hope lost moment?' and the plot does thicken quite a bit between the second and third book which makes me think, no these definitely aren't for children. The books are wonderfully complicated towards the end which made me enjoy them even more, however there is always a problem and this time it's the overall ending, lets just say I wasn't best pleased. However you could be 30 and love these books or my age 17 and devour them. All I have to say is if you haven't read them yet.. GO AHEAD! Honestly waste no time, they are an excellent read and something fantasy but in a whole new world. 

At the moment I am currently reading  the Artemis Fowl books which yes again are for children but I believe can be enjoyed and loved by people of any age. My auntie is certainly not a teenager and even she rushed out for the supposed last book of this series, this is my second time of reading them and I'm enjoying them even more. Next on my list after this series is the brand spanking new book from JK Rowling which is  Casual Vacancy which I am genuinely so excited to read, I wonder how her writing style will differ with an adults book. I'll just have to wait and see!

What have you been reading recently?
Leave your favorite book reccomendations below! 

26 October 2012

Birthday Purchases!

As you all know I went shopping on Wednesday with my birthday money and I got lots of lovely things. I did get mainly clothes (like always!) but I did buy some Christmas presents so I am pretty pleased with myself.
lace dress - new look £20 // white bra -debenhams £18 // black & burgundy bra - new look £9 // burgundy skirt - new look £13 // VO5 serum - boots £4 // DVD - cex £3 // studded boots - new look £25 // black skirt - river island £16 // dog card - paperchase £1.50

I also got a few other bits and bobs that aren't on here. But safe to say I haven't done bad, I got nearly everything with student discount and I got some 'higher' brands than normal which is rather nice. I especially like my burgundy skirt and boots, despite them being really high and hard to walk in! (I'm a sucker for cute heels but can't walk in them). However the only thing not mentioned here is the Christmas presents I bought
and that's because I don't want to let them slip for a fellow blogger who bought me a rather lovely notebook.

I also got refitted for some bra's seeing as I haven't been in years. I ended up going from an A to a D cup and I thought I'd treat myself to a nice comfy bra from Debenhams and it is lovely. I know where I'll be spending my Christmas money! I also bought myself a lovely Casio watch and I recently bought an iPod last night - a 160GB Black iPod Classic which I'm so excited to arrive, finally an iPod with space for all my make up. Lovely :)

25 October 2012

Birthday Presents!

Now I told you all I'd show you what I got for my birthday as it's been and passed, (it was on Tuesday). I also went shopping yesterday and got some lovely things which I'll show you all tomorrow. However for my birthday all in all I got over £300 due to having a very generous family and quite a big one at that. I absolutely got no presents from my family because I prefer to buy my own. However I did get some presents off my boyfriend, his mum and my brothers girlfriend who blogs over at Miaalice.
Firstly from my boyfriend I got a gorgeous Turkish lamp which was originally just an ornament which his step-dad rigged up to be a lamp. When it's on it shines bright red because of the design, it's absolutely gorgeous. I also got my lovely black Pandora bracelet.
Off my boyfriends mum I got the lovely Soap and Glory products above and some PJ's also above are a selection of cute cards I liked. 
Off my brothers girlfriend - Miaalice I got the most gorgeous little Paperchase notebook ever! Look how she wrapped it up too, it was delightful. She handed me it and I literally squealed, it looked ever so cute!
I also got this nice arrange of sweets from my Grandma which I can tell I'll really enjoy.

Also last but certainly not least I got this from my boyfriend and lemme tell you, it was a shock! He'd early told me he couldn't afford to get me it but I opened this and my heart literally melted. Thing is as well it's such a lovely scent! It goes on quite heavily and then fades to a gorgeous musk that lingers. All I can say is I'm delighted to own it, best thing is - the liquid is black!!

As you can see I was very spoilt indeed both by my boyfriend and my family! My boyfriend even bought me special wrapping paper with little Hello Kitty's on it, it was adorable   I can say it was a very memorable night with lots of pizza and Chinese food, we also had a very yummy chocolate cake! I had a lovely day but I do have to say it does feel rather weird to call myself 17. Ah well, all I know is that I have some shopping to show you tomorrow! :)

23 October 2012

Happy 17th!

So it was my 17th birthday today - just a small update as I don't have time for anything massive. However tomorrow I will have a longer post on today's events and also tomorrow I'm going shopping! (I love birthday money) so I'll have some up coming reviews and shopping hauls for you all. Also I got some lovely ~ cosmetic ~ presents so I'll also be reviewing them!

I will give you one sneaky little picture of my favorite present from my boyfriend - I got spoiled rotten!

21 October 2012

Hello Instagram 08

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creepers  // nose ring is back // all lovey & tidy!
cuddles with moll // revamped my blog // graze box
finally!! // my first SSB box // new card holder for college

Overall this week has been quite slow, I've hardly been at work this week so I've had lots of time to spend with my boyfriend and pig out in front of the tv. College has been rather slow as well but I did find out I'm on a trip next Tuesday and also some results from some mini assessments  so I'm doing well. Also half term will soon be here though because I finish next Friday! I also had a rather lovely time at my aunties of Friday night, we sat down, got take away, talked beauty and watched a film which was rather lovely. We talked beauty and I came home with a few rather lovely goodies which I shall show you next week. 

Also I'm really looking forward to next week! It's my birthday on Tuesday and my Grandads 70th on the Friday so there's a big party for us all on the Saturday which I'm really looking forward to and I break off the day before, so what a lovely week! I also received my first beauty box this week, I rather enjoyed it but was a little disappointed, hopefully Novembers will be better! Also watch out next week for some shopping and make up hauls, shops here I come! I just love spending birthday money, I can maybe seen a little MAC treat for myself :)

How has your week been?