25 October 2012

Birthday Presents!

Now I told you all I'd show you what I got for my birthday as it's been and passed, (it was on Tuesday). I also went shopping yesterday and got some lovely things which I'll show you all tomorrow. However for my birthday all in all I got over £300 due to having a very generous family and quite a big one at that. I absolutely got no presents from my family because I prefer to buy my own. However I did get some presents off my boyfriend, his mum and my brothers girlfriend who blogs over at Miaalice.
Firstly from my boyfriend I got a gorgeous Turkish lamp which was originally just an ornament which his step-dad rigged up to be a lamp. When it's on it shines bright red because of the design, it's absolutely gorgeous. I also got my lovely black Pandora bracelet.
Off my boyfriends mum I got the lovely Soap and Glory products above and some PJ's also above are a selection of cute cards I liked. 
Off my brothers girlfriend - Miaalice I got the most gorgeous little Paperchase notebook ever! Look how she wrapped it up too, it was delightful. She handed me it and I literally squealed, it looked ever so cute!
I also got this nice arrange of sweets from my Grandma which I can tell I'll really enjoy.

Also last but certainly not least I got this from my boyfriend and lemme tell you, it was a shock! He'd early told me he couldn't afford to get me it but I opened this and my heart literally melted. Thing is as well it's such a lovely scent! It goes on quite heavily and then fades to a gorgeous musk that lingers. All I can say is I'm delighted to own it, best thing is - the liquid is black!!

As you can see I was very spoilt indeed both by my boyfriend and my family! My boyfriend even bought me special wrapping paper with little Hello Kitty's on it, it was adorable   I can say it was a very memorable night with lots of pizza and Chinese food, we also had a very yummy chocolate cake! I had a lovely day but I do have to say it does feel rather weird to call myself 17. Ah well, all I know is that I have some shopping to show you tomorrow! :)


  1. Wow, looks like you had a brill birthday! I'm desperate to try out some Soap and Glory products, everyone seems to rave about them, so they're deffo on my Christmas list! The sweetie bouquet is amazing! And Gaga perfume is one of my new favs....even though I only spray it on a sneaky walk into Boots! ;)


    1. I really did, it was amazing :) My goodness try them, I adore them even if I do buy them as a small one off gift. It's my new favourite also, definitely going to re-buy it when mine runs out! x


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