20 October 2012

She Said Beauty - October Edition

Now this is my first SSB box so I was rather excited for it! (Mine has arrived later because I paid later on). I've already read other peoples reviews on this months box and they wasn't that impressed so I was a little gutted as I didn't want a bad box on my first go? However I opened my box to see what goodies I would find, you never know I may actually really like them.

The first thing I stopped and have really been looking forward to was Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion. I've seen many people use this products and I've always wanted to try it! I hate paying full price for items that are expensive because I may not end up liking them. However I was really happy with this product because my mums used it before and it smells amazing. I absolutely adore the smell and I can't wait to try it! Knowing me I'll end up purchasing it at full price. This product retails at £1.19 for 50ml and £3.85 for 250ml.

The second product I saw was the perfume sample which came in a cute little vial and it was Amy Child's (The Only Way Is Essex) new perfume. Now I was a little disappointed at this sample because I thought the smell would be rather cheap and tacky and my assumptions on a small scale were true. It's a rather nice fruity smell however it's not something I would normally go for. It's a nice smell but I'm not overly keen on it. It retails at £14.99 for a 30ml bottle and £19.99 for a 50ml. I may grow to like it, but I'm highly doubtful. 

I also received a packet of Myvitamins which was a little different to what I've seen in other beauty boxes. I was really excited to try these as I've been seeing them in other bloggers reviews and my packet on the back says "Chromium can help regulate blood sugar levels, especially when dieting and supports the breakdown of fat to assist weight goals." After reading this I've really been put off taking these and I was so excited to try them! I don't normally take vitamins but I'm not really in the need of weight-loss so I feel as if these are wasted on me. They retail from £2.49 for 30 tablets. 

I received two samples of Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Créme a product I've never heard of but am willing to try. However I hate how they have been packaged, sachets are a big no-no for me as I feel they get rather messy. However I'll give these a try, the little flowery bottle the full sized product comes in looks lovely and I would like to try a night cream without having to pay a bomb for it. This retails at $24.50 for 118ml. 

One sample which really caught my eye was the B.liv 'Off With Those Heads' cooling gel which is to remove black heads and can help control breakouts. I have a little trouble with blackheads so I'm really excited to try this product! The sample size was a tiny bit small however if I do like the product I can always buy it and it retails at $49.00 for 30ml and $63.00 for 45ml. 

And last but not least I got the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque. I was rather disappointed with this product, it was an absolutely tiny sample and was only 3g which means you can't really do much with it and I was rather looking forward to using it. However it does smell rather nice. This product retails at $51.00 for 50g.
With this being my first SSB box I was a little disappointed with the samples I received  However I did receive some products I rather did like and will buy at full price such as the Palmers. I do have high hopes for the November box, hopefully it will feature a little bit bigger samples and products more suited to me.

What did you think to your October box?

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