14 October 2012

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Overall I've had a rather wonderful week. College hasn't been too bad and it's been Hull Fair which is always a lovely week. I also got paid these week so I treated myself to some new goodies from Primark. However this week has been rather uneventful what with going to college every day, weighed down with ton's of work.

However half term isn't getting even closer as is my birthday which I'm super excited for. Which also means I'll try and fit in a lot of hours at work due to it being payday on my birthday which is lovely. I've already been planning what I'll be spending my money on, make up and clothes! I also had some rather nice news towards the end of this week, my SSB box has finally been dispatched, the book blog I have joined is finally live, with reviews coming soon (can be found here), I've been invited to an awards ceremony at my old secondary school for having 'excellent GCSE results' and also my new book arrived which I'm very excited to read!

However more on that next week, have some pictures of some of the rides from fair :)
I went to fair with my favorite little man - my little brother. Probably one of the scariest and biggest rides there and my favorite stall, these buns were HUGE!

What have you been up to this week?


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