11 October 2012

Hull Fair

If you aren't from Hull you probably have no idea what I'm on about, so let me give you a little background info. For as long as I can remember we've had a fair in our city in the beginning weeks of October (apparently over 700 years?!). With it comes rides of huge size, sweet and food stalls selling whatever you can think of and stalls basically selling crap. Despite it sounding like this it's actually rather nice and has been a tradition for me to go every year since being very small. It is known as one of Europe's largest travelling fun fairs which comes to us in Hull for a week and it arrives on the second Tuesday of October every year. (For more info go here).

So I went this week on Monday, I dragged my boyfriend along who was definitely not up for it. I use to be a rides person but because fair is run by Gypsy's and I've had some bad experience on fair's rides I stuck to the sweet stalls and the waltzer's which turned out alright. Also the thing about Fair is never take too much money, yes there may be pickpockets but with me for instance I just like to spend it because I like the goodies. However here's what I wore; (it was freezing!)
parker - matalan // polo - primark 
cat skirt - h&m // jumper -primark

 After dressing up like this I can happily say I was lovely and warm all night long which was a massive bonus because walking up and down a street for a few hours can get quite cold. Also some of the stalls at Fair are so amazing, especially this one;
This stall was just full of the most amazing fudge/cookies/buns. I honestly just wanted to buy everything but limiting myself to a £15 limit was tough! The buns and cookies were £1.50 each and they honestly looked amazing. I wanted one of every flavour to be honest.

Here are so more pictures of Fair (I didn't take all that many because it was way too dark).
a snow cone stall! // massive huge swings ride // doughnuts and nutella!
the boyfriend won me a teddy & bought me a camper van picture // laces and other goodies!

Not many pictures I know but I'm going again this Saturday which my dad and little brother so hopefully in my instagram post there'll be a some more pictures to oogle and I can get myself some of those nice treats off the lovely little stall! Also I said I went on the waltzer's, it was happy hour so I couldn't resist paying a £1. Hands down my favourite fair ride but I'm a roller coaster girl at heart!

What are your favourite fair ground / theme park ride?


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