1 October 2012

MUA Lipsticks; Shade 13 & 6

Everyone seems to love MUA lipsticks and I can see why! They have a dozen lovely shades and their cheap, you could buy one and use it and decide you don't like it and you haven't broken the bank! They are a £1 each and they are wonderful colors, if you ever run out you could always afford to replace it. Two of my favorites I've got so far is Shade 13 which is the red one and Shade 6 which is the pink one. I think my next one my be along the lines of a purple if I can find it!

Shade 13
I have to admit, red is my colour. I feel as if it will go with most outfits I wear plus it really adds colour to my face if I don't wear eyeliner/eye shadow. It's such a wonderful colour and I would only buy an expensive red lipstick. MUA does come close to having fab lipsticks. They go on really well and are very moisturizing for the lips and yes you do need to reapply but isn't that the same as all lipsticks? The only pet hate and this is for all lipsticks is that this one tends to run quite a bit. Which is horrible, people tell me it's because I don't wear lip liner but on that subject I'm clueless.  You can pick up this lippy for only a £1 and I have to admit it's a right bargain! It's a lovely shade of red and for a £1 can you really go wrong?

I love it to the moon and back, it goes with everything and anything and once you run out you can always stock back up without breaking the bank which in my opinion is fab. Here is what it looks like on. Excuse my face, I'm really bad a taking photos of my lips.

Shade 6
Now on this lipstick is very pink and very shiny. But on a whim I though hey why not try a pink! So I did. This really is a lovely colour, I think it works best with neutral skin so powder/foundation and mascara and no eye make up, you could always mix and match and find out. It's a very girly pink this colour but it does look very nice on, it's definitely and every day colour you can just whip on and it doesn't smudge and look horrible say if you were wearing red. Like all lipsticks you have to reapply but with this one it doesn't run all that badly or dry my lips out so it's perfect! It could brighten up a very plain outfit if that was the look you was going for. I'll definitely be replacing this one after I run out! It looks really nice on in the picture below, I can't wait to try out MUA's other lipstick colours!

Whats your favorite lipstick colour?


  1. Oh, nice shades! I got a pink one from MUA and I looove it :)
    Hmm.. fav lippie.. Well that´s a hard question! I really do love my Lancome lipsticks... Maybelline also got some pretty good ones :)

    1. They really do and lovely. I want all of MUA's lipsticks to be honest! xo

  2. Ive added your button to my page :)

    Love shade 6, such a pretty shade!
    Natalie xx


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