30 September 2012

Hello Instagram 05

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 kitty blouse // time for christmas jumpers! //new blazer 
jelly baby haribo // little treat from tom // my graze box came!
new blazer & dress // college hot chocolate & cookie // new phone case!
LOTR war hammer // such a good game // my childhood in a bottle
squeal to the shinning, excited!!! //yummy take away

Overall I've had a very lovely week, the weather may have been awful yet it's given me a fab chance to wrap up warm in all my woolly jumpers! Also both me and my boyfriend got paid so we both treated ourselves to some new goodies! I got a new dress and blazer, sent off for a graze box and I also signed up to the She Said Beauty Box which I can't wait to try out when it gets sent off later this month (October).

Remember when I thought college would be a breeze? Well it isn't! I've figured out why people don't really have a social life if their doing 4 subjects. I'm doing 4 and I picked the four that are the most complicated with the most writing! I'm slowly getting there with all my homework though, I have an history essay due and I'm already starting my English Language coursework, madness! I've also realized how hard transcribing is, boohoo.

Anyway I've got a lovely week ahead of my seeing as I'm staying at my boyfriends a few nights this week because his parents are away, I can just see it now cold nights snuggled up on the couch with films. I look forward to it, it'll be wonderful. I will probably get homework galore too! But there's one thing I'm looking forward to this month of October, my birthday! I'll be turning 17 on the 23rd so college can't be that bad. I've also been getting some results back in assessments I've done for college, I got a C in my creative writing which I'm incredibly proud of. Oh and due to the cold weather I get to sit in the college cafe and sip their lovely hot chocolates heh.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I've just started getting my essay assignments for English now so I definitely understand what you mean about hard work! I had no idea Haribo did Jelly Babies though, must try them out.

    1. They do them in a big bag for a £1! College really is tough :( xo


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