15 September 2012

MUA Haul!

Okay so I've been waiting for this delivery all week and it finally came after I had to get it redelivered a few times. This little splurge was mainly because I had money in the bank, wanted new make up and mix that up with early morning scrolling, here we are!
As you can see I've got for one of MUA's popular palettes - Undressed as well as some new lippy, eyeliner and mascara. Oh I also got the big 24 shade palette for free (spent over £8!) and I just couldn't help myself, I love bargains and I just had to have this one. 
I absolutely adore every palette MUA has to offer, although some of the shades do look very similar it's always better to have more then you need in case you run out! Now I've been lusting after one of either 'Heaven and Earth' or 'Undressed' palettes because I've been reading a lot of reviews on them recently and they sound so good. Not only do I want to review it myself but I'd love to wear these colors on a daily basis.
Undressed Palette - £4.00
24 Shade 'Immaculate Collection' Palette - £8.00 (free when you spent £8 or more in Superdrug or on the MUA website).
MUA Lipstick Shade 6 - £1.00
Sorry for the picture being a little blurry, these were hard to photograph!
Extreme Felt Liner - £2.00
MUA Black Mascara - £1.00

Now I don't know about you but I adore MUA, not only because their cheap but their products are actually really good, they are high quality and easy to replace! I also got something else not MUA.
Botanics Skin Calming Night Cream - £4.65 (on offer).
Now I've been looking everywhere for a decent moistureer, one not too runny and that feels my skin feeling refreshed. This certainly does the trick! I'll defintely go back to it.

Also on a small note, last night me and my boyfriend booked tickets to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in theatre next April. Nowe you may not know this but I've been wanting to see this on stage every since watching the film, so I reckon about 5 years. Yes we will dress up, I'm so excited already. If you don't know what it is, here's one of the most famous songs from it. Also Richard O'Brien made it! 

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  1. eeeee, I want too go to the rocky horror picture show and dress up, could you e-mail the details?

    vicky.townsend@hotmail.co.uk xo

  2. Looks like a good haul! OH and I am so jealous, I've been wanting to see RHPS since forever!

    1. Same here, spent the last 5 years waiting and thank you :) Look to see if it's touring near you! xo

  3. That's awesome! I have the "undressed" and love it!! I really want to get some of their other palettes soon. Great haul:)

    1. I'd recommend them all, their all great. I can't wait to try mine out! :) xo

  4. I absolutely love MUA, I have an ever growing collection and couldn't recommend them enough! Their products are absolutely great :)


    1. So do I, I absolutely adore this range :) xo


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