12 September 2012

Wednesday Wishlist 01

Now I'm aware I use to do these on a Friday but well that effort failed so I've decided to do them today instead. I got paid yesterday so here are some of the goodies I'm going to buy! Some of these things I actually need and others just want
Honey Honey CD - Amazon £11
This CD is full of great music and ever since I saw it advertised on TV I've wanted it, I just hope it drops a tiny bit in price.

XLive Bleach - £5 
I badly need to badly bleach my hair again! It's in such a sorry state, I can pick up my favorite hair dye for under a fiver too!

Cutie Phone cases -  one two three £5
Now I really badly want a new phone case! My Coke one is currently falling to bits and well I want something a little more girly. I can't decided which is my favorite though, it's so hard.

Tote Bag - Matalan £12
Now I'm already aware I've bought a bag for college yet I just want another one, I can't help myself. I like bags with two handles and the one I bought originally had one which would be perfect if I had my locker. I don't yet sadly, however this will soon be mine :)

Love Lettece & Cupcake  - Lush £6
Now I've really badly wanted to try Lush's face masks but whenever I go in store I can never quite find them and bumble around feeling like an idiot. But these are the ones I've been recommend so I'm off to hunt them out!

Vitamin E Moisturizer Cream - The Body Shop 15ml/50ml £2.80/£6.00 online
Ever since having a bad time with the Boots own moisturizer I've been looking for one to take it's place. I've recently seen a Botanics and this one, I just wonder which one I'll find the nicest.

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  1. I'd like to try that moisturiser too, the Vitamin E Face Mist is really nice :) x

    1. I've never tried Body Shop products so I really want to :) x

  2. The bag is super cute! I love it, the colour is gorgeous!
    Mia x


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