8 September 2012

College Outfits 001

So I was wondering what to post for ages and ages when I realized, I've finished my first week of college (yes I was only in for like 3 days but oh well!) I really enjoyed myself so i thought I might as well give you all a small little insight to my week at college and why I enjoyed it.

this outfit was talked about here and was one of my first I wore to college on my second day of enrollment.
on the second line the next outfit I wore playsuit // frilly sock// creepers was the one I wore on my first day! (Thursday)
and the third outfit of all was the one I wore yesterday, simply because I was way too tired to try.

Also I got my college timetable! (^) as you can see Wednesday and Thursdays look pretty fab! The Wednesday afternoons we get off because it's for sport, but can you actually believe I'm doing a whole four subjects and still have this much free time! Also for all of you who don't know/may be interested I'm taking English Literature, English Language, Medieval History and Psychology and I actually don't think I'm going to drop/change any of them, their so good already!

The whole 'enjoying' college thing too, I'm not sure why but I guess I like the whole freedom of being trusted to go to lessons, the idea of 3 hour breaks in which to do nothing (no homework yet!) and also the fact we get to wear our own clothes. Although it currently has it's downsides. I don't know many people, we don't have our college cards and our emails don't work because for all enrichment you need to email the teachers. We also can't get lockers yet, boo!

However I can't wait till next week rolls around, I have a 10:30am start and I hope to bring you more lovely outfits I wear - I promise to make some sort of effort, even if it is make up. I also don't finish any later then 3:40pm which means yes I can blog but not all the time, I'm so tired out already and it's only my first week! But I also did get my reading list for English Lit and on there we have to read The Great Gatsby and The Secret Scripture (and some poetry) which will be fun because I haven't read either before!

If you started college recently what was it like for you?

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  1. I did the Great Gatsby in English Lit too. I really enjoyed it :) you might get to watch the film in class - personally, I thought it was excellent :)

    1. I actually can't wait! I'm so excited I think I only do it for my exam though so it'll be a while before we study it :c xo

  2. You're taking similar subjects to me! Last year I did English Language, Psychology, Modern History and Graphics and they're all wonderful. Psychology is great, especially if you've never really done anything like that before, I love it :3 Make sure you work your butt off in history though - I panicked really close to the exams for it and ended up revising for 9 hours a day...

    1. I've only had one lesson of each so far and I'm so excited to get started properly - I actually thought I would drop one or two but now I actually get wait for them to get going. Aw man unlucky, I think I will though :)! Thanks xo

  3. I found your blog through blog hop and love your blog! If that is a good schedule you should see mine haha :). Newest follower btw! x


  4. Hi Elle,

    Love your college outfits you have a really cool style.

    Glad I found your blog it's very inspirational, following you now on gfc and blog lovin <3

    Lockie & Lulu


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