3 September 2012

Like, Love, Loathe 002

So I have college this afternoon (my first day induction!) and I have work straight after so I thought I'd  post this one quite early. This is only my second post but I really do enjoy doing it :)
At the moment I am really liking all the free time I have. I currently have a part time job which mean I could quit my paper round and also I've just started up at college and have 2 shifts at work this week which means I have much more free time on a night and also there's no more rushing home from school :)
Wow this makes me feel so geeky. But I genuinely love work this week. It's only my second week but I only have 2 shifts this week with good hours and also I get paid well for it which makes extra cash in my pocket! Plus I work at KC, so it can't be that bad ;-)
Early mornings has the take this bait. No 6am is a little early for me but it's that time again, all work and no play! Early mornings for college I feel will kill me, knowing me I'll have some really early starts. I'm dreading it!

What are your likes, loves and loathe for this week? :)

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  2. Great post, really interesting.




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