25 September 2012

MUA Glitter Ball Platte

This was the first ever MUA product I bought, I though to myself this many eye shadow shade for £4? It can't be bad! And I have loved it ever since and you can see this by what state this palette is actually in yuck! With this palette I always tend to blend the shades such as if I wanted to wear black on it's own I would put shade 6 on first and then shade 1 on top. I also blend colors together such as using shade 1 with shade 12. Depending on how I feel on the day shows what colours I use.
Shades 1 -6 with and without flash.
One of the main things I really like about this palette is that all the shades are glitter and some of them brightly colored. Not only does this make your eyes look more vibrant and stand out, they glitter which I think is always a really nice touch. In my own opinion I think all 12 shades are everyday colors, some of the for winter and some for summer. They are all gorgeous! 
Shades 7-12 with and without flash.
I have to say with the exception of shade 1 these are my favorite shades of the palette. Not only are they vibrant colors, but the colors themselves are gorgeous and they are really glittery and they go on to the eye really well. They don't need to be applied to thickly because the color shows through. 

I really do enjoy the Glitter Ball palette, it's full of shades I do use every day and also it's so cheap for so many wonderful shades, £4! If you don't already have this palette I recommend you it, it's fun and vibrant and yo can make lots of cool and quirky looks with it!

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  1. They have some lovely colours in this palette:D

  2. God you've just reminded me how lovely that pink is! Must fight the anti-girliness and use it sometime! Great review lovely :D xxx

    1. Do it! It's a gorgeous colour, try blending it with with the black to make it less girly :p xx

  3. I'm loving all the shades! :)

  4. I love the glitterball palette x

  5. The pigments in MUA products always look fabby, but I don't think I wear eyeshadow enough to buy a whole pallette. it would be beautiful to look at though, right ? ;)I'm a new follower, you can check out and follow my blog if you wish at www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com

    Tata, Leah xox

    1. Thank you and I don't always wear eye shadow but for £4 you can't go wrong because it's always there if you do want to wear it. I wear eye shadow a lot more and this palette is gorgeous :) x


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