11 September 2012

My Daily Routine (looong post)

I'm sure lots of lots of people have done this type of post, so here I am sharing my daily routine with you! I know it's not much but I'm new to the whole 'lets take care of my skin every single day' plus I never know what products to buy considering I've only just got a job = spare money. I never use to be that great at keeping one either, after all I am a teenager and on holidays I tend to get up late but now after starting college I'm determined to get into one routine and stick with it.
Now it looks like I use loooads of products daily, but I actually don't. I don't actually use them all in one go either, some are make up, some are hair products and the skin products some are used in a morning and some on a night. I like to vary so I'm not always rushing around in a morning if I have an early start, which I do pretty much all week so I like to keep it simple.
Now I've always had trouble finding the right products for my skin and as I'm a student I never want to pay a lot! Which means cheap face wipes cheap moisture so I'm never quite happy with what I have.

Aapri Exfoliating Cleansing Pillows - £1.50 30 pillows per pack
Now these are a catch! They can be used morning or night and feel wonderful on the skin. You add a little water to the spotty side and just wipe over your face like you would a wipe or cotton pad. They feel smooth and lovely and smell amazing. One of my favorite products and they can be bought in most places, you just have to hunt around! I use these just before I go to bed and they are so refreshing.

Tea Tree Facial Wipes - £1 25 wipes per pack
Now I'm not overly impressed with these, other cheap faces wipes such as Asda's own are better then this. They smell lovely but for me they don't quite feel wet enough, when I use face wipes afterwards I'd like my face to feel refreshed and cool whereas these don't do that. But then again I don't spend a lot on face wipes they are purely for wipes the make up left over in a morning.

Boots Vitamin E Moisture day Cream - £3 50ml
Neither am I impressed with these. I've bought it twice and first time I really did love it, it made my skin feel amazing and it was just the right consistency. But now I find the cream a little bit too running and when I put the smallest bit on my face to rub in there seems to be loads of it.  use to use this all the time but now I'm on the hunt for something a little more suited to my needs.
I've always struggled with my hair too, when it was natural I would always have split ends and it would always take forever to dry. But now it's much shorter and blonde I never have a problem with it. I do occasionally use my straighteners (yes I do have some product to use for them) but it's easier just to style it with wax.

VO5 Heat Protect Serum - £4.07 50ml
Now I really do love this stuff. It has lasted me such a long time and it's cheap. I've never liked using protection products because sometimes they can get messy, make my hair greasy or I just didn't like them. Now I use this every day, I put it through my hair scrunching it in, then I brush it through and dry my hair. Always leaves it feeling amazing. 

VO5 Extreme Style [matt clay] - £3.96 75ml
Now this is another of my favorites. Wax/molding clay for my hair was always so hard to get right. They either felt horrible to put on, made my hair look terrible and well I'm not too great at using hair spray either. This one however is quite thick so you don't need a lot and rubs in really well so you can style with your whole hands. I really enjoy this product, I don't use it every single day but it's always there when I step up my outfit a little bit.
Soap & Glory -  The Righteous Body Butter £5.00 150ml
I have never been a huge fan of body butter. I've never really had the time to use it and well I never quite aw what I got out of it. However, this S&G one smells heavenly, when applying you can out quite a bit on and it rubs in really well and afterwards you can still smell it but my skin is 10x softer then what it was. I adore it.

Soap & Glory - Mist You Madly Body Spray £6.50 250ml
I will always recommend this S&G product. It smells amazing, no lie. It lasts a long time, I still have mine from February and I use it daily but also the scent really does linger. These products can be quite expensive but I would happily pay the £6.50 for the 250ml bottle whenever I needed to stock it. I use this instead of perfume and I will continue to do so, I adore the smell.

Soft & Gentle Deodorant
This is one of many I use during the month. I have this habit where not matter if I have one open that I use I will continue to open deodorants and end up with 5 open waiting to be used. I do like the smell of this however it doesn't feel as refreshing as I would like it to. 
You can find my full make up bag here
I use these items with question ever single day however I do like to spice up my eyes with my MUA Glitter Ball palette ever now and then when I have the time. I also like to stick with products I enjoy and like however I am branching out with masraca's and am trying one of MUA's next as well as there 'Undressed' palette.
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder Shade Ivory - £1.99
I have quite pale skin so I don't like anything to heavy on it hence why I don't use foundation because the coverage is too heavy and my skin is a little dry. I love this shade because it is pale but it does add some color to my when I apply it, it doesn't stay on very long though so I may need to invest in something new or just keep reapplying it.

Soap & Glory - Sexy Motherpucker Lip gloss £9.00
I adore this lip gloss. It's a wonderful color with 'lip plumping action' which I love to. However it is quite sticky sometimes and priced at £9.00 way to steep. It's a daily wear because the color goes with nearly everything and I enjoy wearing it, however when it runs out I don't think I myself will replace it.

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Eyeliner - £4.00 
One of my daily uses because it's quick and easy to use, gives full coverage and also the color always stays for a very long time. It doesn't smudge and always looking amazing especially with winged eyeliner. Also it's reasonably priced because I can use it every single day and it takes ages to run out! I got lucky with this because I've only ever had to buy it twice, it just seems immortal. 

Collection 2000 'Fake Lashes' Mascara - £4.99
Another favorite. This was gifted to me by my step-mum when she bought to and I thank her constantly. My lashes are reasonably long anyway however this gives them volume and makes them more noticeable. With two or 3 coats the stand tall and proud and always look amazing. I adore this mascara and at just a £5 I think is very good value, especially because it last ever so long.
There you have it, my daily routine and products I use. I know I haven't said when I use everything exactly but I tend to change it depending on the day. Sometime I shower first then do my skin care or vise versa. It depends on the mood. I'm sorry about the length of the post but I hope you enjoyed it and found some products you may be interested in. I also thought I'd over load you all a little due to the lack of beauty posts at the moment. 

What are your favorite products to use daily?
Let me know, all comments loved and appreciated!
Also I've just hit 100 followers, let me just say thank you all! :)

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  1. I'm so glad you like those exfoliating pillows, they're a godsend. Definitely need to look into that Collection 2000 powder, mine's too orange but that looks so pale and pretty! So jealous you don't need concealer :( I'm so lusting after that S&G body spray, everyone keeps tormenting me with it in every post!

    Ali xx

    1. I'm thinking of trying out MUA's foundation or BB cream, I need a change! :) It's amazing trust me, I would make time and save money to buy this product if I ran out, it's my fave :) x

  2. If you would like a bit more coverage than powder, but less than foundation, I'd highlx recommend you to check out BB creams! There are quite a few good ones that came out on the highstreet recently (Garnier, Maybelline, MUA). Besides covering your imperfections, they also moisturize very well :)

    Nathalie x

    1. Thank you ever so much, I've always wondered what they were hah! x

  3. A surprisingly minimal daily routine, I love it! Ive never seen thise cleansing pillow before I will have to check them out

    Found you through the blog hop x

    1. Try them, I adore them, they leave my skin feeling amazing. Thank you :) xo


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