2 September 2012

Back To School Shop: Clothes!

Here's the long awaited post I promised you all. I went shopping on Thursday for all of my college clothes, so much was spent yet I got some gorgeous things. I also did a staionary shop which can be found here. Warning I got quite a lot of things so this post will be very photo heavy but hey then you can see how lovely everything is! I also got some shoes earlier in August for college which I've been wearing beforehand so I'll show you them too :)
new jeans // new underwear!! // more tights
kitty umbrella // new bag
my really cute Aztec cardigan I can't wait to wear // lacy white blouse // skull blouse
a gorgeous a little 'vintage' dress I picked up // I love the collar clasp
guys sailor jumper  // the color is gorgeous!
this jumper was so gorgeous I had to have it! // new desert boots for college!
I got a cute little bag from primark with a fox on it 
new trend going and I had to join, this one is 'vintage' due to the U.S Army badge and the badges on the arm :)

As you can see I had quite a good haul for clothes for college, things I desperately needed and can mix and match with clothes I already had. Also many places aren't selling them yet but I got a gorgeous winter coat from Matalan. It's a Parker and it fits wonderfully not only that, it was cheap for a coat and is so comfy! I haven't done my make up shop for college yet! Not like I can afford it with everything I bought and it't not as if I need anything so I think when I get my first pay check I'll buy myself a new palette from MUA. 

I had such fun doing this shop for college, everything I bought apart from the Army jacket was from Primark and quite reasonably priced. I could of bought everything, it was all so gorgeous. Anyway I'm going to leave you all with a picture of my gorgeous Parker I bought.. from only £32! :)
Fur Hooded Parka

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  1. The jumpers are all lovely :3 I definitely need to get some similar for winter, I was freezing last year!

    1. You really do, I literally just live in them. Thank you :) x

  2. Ooh, I can't wait until my student grant comes in and I get paid at the end of the month so I can buy all my back to uni autumn wardrobe! :D

    Love all the jumpers, particularly the Aztec cardigan. :) xx

    1. Thank you and I know I love everything :') Do it, winter shopping is always the best. xo

  3. Oh my lord i want all of your clothes! So jealous, really love how you dress elle.

    1. heheh thank you ever so much! I love how you dress as well :p x

  4. primark is so good lately, i need to get myself down there asap !! x

  5. I love your clothes, they are definitely all going on my wishlist! Love your blog!
    Maybe you could check out my blog and follow me? I've followed you x

    1. Thank you ever so much and I sure will! :) xo


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