28 September 2012

Liebester Award #4

So as you can see this is my fourth one! How lucky am I, my lovely tagger is Mia, her lovely little blog is amazing, check it out. I bet you're all thinking hasn't this girl had enough! Also I thought with this one I'll do the whole shebam with tagging people, the 11 facts about me and what not. All my other award posts can be found here.

The rules
If you're tagged you have to write 11 things about yourself and then answer the 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you. You then choose other bloggers with less than 200 followers to tag in this post and choose 11 questions you'd like them to answer.

The Liebester Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers to tell you a little bit more about themselves and it's a wonderful way to meet new blogs and my even find new reads. I hope you enjoy this, sorry if it's not all that amazing.

11 facts about me
1. I sometimes regret cutting all my hair off, it's taking so long to grow back too.
2. I'd love to have dreadlocks and bead them but it would take an age.
3. I only drink certain types of hot chocolate and by certain I mean Options and the cheap college stuff.
4. I really fancy Jason Statham, despite him being older then my dad.
6. If I could I would spend all my money on Paperchase notebooks. I adore them.
7. I feel like a failure as a girl because I suck at painting my nails and I never bother with 'full' make up, e.g. eyeliner/eye shadow.
8. I'm scared about college, everything is so much harder.
9. I really would like to be a teacher/writer, but I have no idea at what level.
10. I love my job! And the payday it brings every 2 weeks.
11. I hate wearing glasses but I would miss them if they went.

11 questions I was asked
1. What beauty product can you not live without?
I'm not to sure actually, I mean I really love my extreme felt eyeliner but what I really adore and must have to say if my Soap and Glory products. I don't think I could select one item so I'll select the brand :)

2. What are you excited about next month?
Next month is my birthday which means I'm 17! No I am not taking driving lessons although I may be taking a CBT so I can ride a ped.

3. Your favourite current fashion trend is... 
I love tweed blazers, I bought a gorgeous one yesterday and I also love parker jackets, I also got one of them and it's lovely and warm.

4.What is your favourite pair of shoes pretty please?
I have so many favorites but I'll just say one. My babies, my docs :)

5. Can I have a picture of your favourite pair of shoes pretty please?
Why of course, I've had several pairs of docs including two black ones but I'll only give one picture :)

6. Why did you start blogging?I started blogging because I like writing, I like making memories of things plus I wanted a new hobby and well here I am and I'm so glad I started!

7. What are your plans for Halloween?I'm not too sure, I think I have a party to go to but I also have a gig and another party around there, so it'll be a busy period :)

8. Is it too early to be writing a Christmas list? Whats on yours?No way! I want everyone's christmas (who I know) so I can start buying presents. I'm so excited! I love christmas. I have an iPod classic and cherry red Docs and a MAC red lipstick on my list this year and maybe a ped if I'm lucky :)

9. Favourite musical artist from the 80's?
I love Mötley Crüe but there are loads of artists I adore from the 80's I couldn't name them all if I tried.

10. Would you rather listen to one song for the rest of your life or watch one film? Name the song/film!
That is such a hard choice because I love so many films and so many songs. I think it'd have to be a film of some kind. Maybe Pride & Prejudice or maybe one of the Harry Potter's or something completely different. Such a hard choice!

11.What lipstick shade is your favourite?I adore reds full stop. I do like other colours but I will always come back to red, it's the shade I'm willing to pay a little bit extra for because I know it's worth it. I have a MAC lipstick on my wishlist currently.

Who I'm tagging
I'm tagging every single one of my followers with under 200 followers themselves! Everyone deserves to do this challenge for themselves, I love doing it because I love reading my taggers post and anymore that follow and I love answering the questions.

If you do this tag just drop me the link in a comment or tweet and I'll surely check it out. Have fun!


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