26 September 2012

Wishlist 02

Twizzlers - CyberCandy £1.29
Every since having this in America when I was about 6 I've been searching for them in shops over here ever since. Although they aren't around yet, this site does offer all American candy for cheap prices.

Wine Colored Stitched Jumper - Dorothy Perkins £25
I can never deny jumpers when I want them and this is in my favorite colour! Plus it is coming up to winter so I could treat myself to this one and a gorgeous cream one I found.

Gold and Ivory Wind Up Watch - Wicked Clothes $49.99   
I'm not too sure on how much this would be in ££ but this is so gorgeous! I have a thing for pocket watches and I really would like a new watch, considering I'm kind of all grown up I actually think I would use one, especially if it looked like this!

Dixie Lace Up Boots - Toxic Codeine $38.00 
I really really want a pair of these, I'm willing to spend 2 weeks worth of paycheck on them but the shipping on this site seems huge and I genuinely can't find any other alternatives :(

MAC 'Mac Red Lipstick - MAC - £14 
This color looks stunning and I've been after a deep red decent lipstick for ages, I'm just put off by the price.

Scrabble Title Cushion - BeauteBelle - £6 including p&p
The image for this tile was taken from Vicky @ daily-hoot. 
The cushion is just so cute, I saw Vicky's post about this the other week and knew I was for desperate for one, you can get any letter you like including punctuation, I think it would look lovely in my room!

Red Lip Liner - MUA £1.00
I've been after one of these for ages because the red lipsticks I use always tend to run after a while, I didn't want to spend tons on my first one because I've never actually used lip liner before! Lets hope this one does the job.

Boucle Pini - Topshop £30 
This is the most gorgeous little dress ever! Because I got paid yesterday this will be the first thing I purchase! I just need a little white blouse underneath and it will be perfect for college :)

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  1. Love the look of that jumper, its a favourite colour of mine too :) x

    1. I know it's gorgeous, one of my favourite colours for jumpers! :) x

  2. Loving the jumper, the boots and the dress! I've ordered one of those cushions too they're so quirky! x

    1. There amazing, I really would like one their so cute :D x

  3. I swear American sweets are so much nicer than British ones. I love Twizzlers! Nerds are also one of my favourites <3


    1. The chocolate in the UK is so much better but sweets wise their the best :) x

  4. Ohhh I love it all! The shoes are super pretty, I think a store called Milanoo has similar to them but a bit cheaper ~

    Also, I have to buy that dress, it's SO NICE!



    1. Thank you ever so much and same! I adore it xo

  5. Awwwwh, my little Cushion!
    Thank you so much for putting this in a wish list, I'm all blushing now! :)

    1. Why of course, they are honestly so wonderful. You should be proud :) x


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