27 February 2013

Sleek Storm Palette // Review

 photo DSCF7193_zps1d78f13b.jpg
 photo DSCF7214_zps6f46dd10.jpg
Top row. 
 photo DSCF7223_zps1d71dd22.jpg
Bottom row. 
This one photographed ever so badly, my camera just refused to focus but I hope you get an idea of the shades.

However, I fall more in love with this palette every time I open it. I genuinely can't wait to wear it all of the time, I let my mum have a tiny peek and she wants to get her mits on it! The pigmentation of these shades is wonderful, most of the colours are glittery and go on rather thickly. I think around 3 shades are just block colours, which do take a bit of building up when applying but look wonderful when finished. So far I really enjoy the blues on the bottom row and allll of the golds in the palette, their definitely my new favorite shade.

I've never tried products from this range before but I like them already. I'm not too sure at how much this retails at as I couldn't find it on their website or amazon but I'd recommend having a little look around! This palette is glitzy and colourful and very me. It's wonderful :)


26 February 2013

I won a Giveaway! ♡

 photo 3_zps01d146e7.jpg
This wonderful giveaway was held by Hayley over at Water Painted Dreams when she hit 500 followers! I was ever so excited when she tweeted me to say I had won, I've never won a giveaway and it was fab to walk out of work to a tweet like that! It arrived the day after she posted it (woweee) which was last Tuesday with very cute packaging may I add.
 photo DSCF7042_zps73efcda9.jpg
 photo DSCF7179_zps0f1dd355.jpg
I got some wonderful prizes. I've already swatched the palette shades and I've fallen in love! I can see why Hayley adores it so much.
♡ Sleek Storm Palette
♡ Boots Natural Collection hair mask
♡ Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm
♡ YSL waterproof eyeshadow & lipstick in Rouge Pur 140

Everything I received is gorgeous, my second favorite has to be the lippy. I've never worn/bought plum colours so I'm excited to wear it!
 photo DSCF7193_zps1d78f13b.jpg
Look how gorgeous this palette looks! The colours are well pigmented and their so glittery and there's even a pinky in there that looks wonderful. I know I'll have fun with this palette! Now I haven't had chance to wear anything yet but I can guarantee I'll show you all and the palette will have it's own review I love it that much :)

A huge thank you to Hayley for sending me these prizes, I adore her blog and she's ever so nice, go and check her out! 


25 February 2013

FOTD // Back to College!

collection 2000 extreme felt liner
soap and glory fast cat mascara

kate moss matt lipstick in 111
MUA lip liner in red drama 

collection 2000 pressed powder in ivory

Most days to college my make up is quite minimalism  I tend to have my foundation on and then a bit of mascara but I decided to liven up last Monday with a bit of red and dark eyes. This is one of my favorite looks, it makes me feel quite classy for college and I had a fab outfit to match (I'll show you sometime). Also I've found a new favorite lipstick! One of Kate Moss' matt collections, the colour is to die for!! I spent all of last week wearing it, brightening my college face up just a tiny bit, I like the change :)


24 February 2013

Make Up Brushes? Help!!

Now I probably seem like the worst #bblogger ever right now, no in fact the worst girl. I don't own any make up brushes (apart from the ones that come in palettes). Also if I owned brushes I wouldn't exactly know what to do with them.... It's bad I know. See I've always loved make up, growing up and now I love it but I just don't understand the importance of brushes and why they can get so expensive?
I know you get lip brushes, powder brushes and blush brushes and what not but seriously, what would you recommend for an absolute beginner that needed the basics? I know there are probably tons of self help from companies with their own make but from one #bblogger to the next what do I really need to start myself off?

It seriously would be a massive help!
I kind of feel embarrassed admitting this, I feel like terrible girl :( 


23 February 2013

What's in My bag; Sixth Form Edition

Now I've seen these posts everywhere I couldn't resist and I just had to have a go! There'll probably be two types of these posts as I use different bags for college and when I go out on a normal day. I'm very nosy too and I love reading these types of posts so I hope you do too! Now I started college back in September and I have 3 lessons max a day which sometimes results in me carrying more books around but this is what my bag looks like on a normal day.

Now I absolutely adore my bag, it's a real Cambridge School Satchel that I got for £60 (retails at £100+), it's a gorgeous dark brown colour and this photo just doesn't do it any justice!
 photo DSCF7142_zpsa11c3468.jpg
 photo DSCF7146_zps590d20d6.jpg
 photo DSCF7154_zps980a7ab8.jpg
 photo DSCF7157_zpsabd08f86.jpg
♡ psychology notebooks & past papers // english langauge notebook // currently reading; the great gatsby
♡ much needed items; phone // bus ticket & college ID
♡ my go-to make up - asda's own lip balm // hello kitty tinted balm // body shop mirror // chewing gum // kate moss in 111
♡ my 160G ipod classic // headphones // dove mini deodorant
♡ bow purse (such a favorite!) // pencil case
♡ my galaxy tab // paperchase organiser

As you can see I actually fit lots of stuff into my satchel causing it to be brimming tight and ever so heavy. However some days I don't take my tablet and sometimes I only have one lesson which is a godsend! Just to pick out a few little bits my purse is from Primark and my ID case from Paperchase. Also I only carry bits and bobs of make up on me because my bag can't fit anything more, plus I find lippy and balm to be exactly what I need during the day!
Also the subjects I take at college are;

♡ psyhcology
♡ english language
♡ english literature
♡ medieval history

I'm seriously hoping this bag never breaks on me, it's a massive favorite! If you've done a post like this link me below, I love to see what people carry around with them!


22 February 2013

Life Update; College

I am now just over 6 months into college and I am totally loving it so far! My subjects are wonderful and my teachers even better. I love the fact we get so much freedom too, sitting drinking hot chocolate in my breaks is the best thing ever. However my exams are kind looming so much closer! My first one is sometime is May which is just a little too scary for me however I wanted to share something with you all that I feel ever so proud of. 
I know everyone's probably already seen this (if you follow me on instagram) but I'm just ever so happy. Originally my paper had be graded at a C which I thought wasn't too bad and I knew I could do better. However having only dropped 15 marks the % seemed terribly low. Turns out my teacher realized she had worked it out wrong and my grade went up to an A!

 In no way shape am I trying to show off, this was the first ever practice paper I've ever done for Psychology since starting the subject and I'm ever so proud of myself, as is everyone around me. This is the subject I hope to have a career within as I get older so this is a big confidence boost (it's kind of a hard subject yanoo) and thanks to everyone who have already ~congratulated me~ I just hope it wasn't an easy paper.

18 February 2013

The Perfect Dress

For this little post I have collaborated with House of Fraser to bring you some of my favorite dresses from their new collection. I've split them into two section, black and colour because I loved so many dresses and it was just so hard to choose!

1 | 2 | 3
I loved number one simply because it felt so vintage, despite me being very small and probably not able to pull it off it would look wonderful. However number 3 has to be my favorite simply because I love skater dresses however at £200 I think I may have to stick to Primark for my dresses in future.

1 | 2 | 3 
I love number two it just feels so classy and elegant like out of Pretty Woman. However number three is yet again my favorite, I love all the lacy detail in white falling on to the black skirt bit of the dress. It looks gorgeous.

Now most of these dresses are waaay out of my price range but I would happily take all of them if I had the chance! They all just feel so classy and worth the money plus the red one in particular are gorgeous! If you've liked any of these dresses you really should check out the House of Fraser website for even more gorgeous dresses.


** I was approached by a representative of House of Fraser to do this post. I wasn't paid nor given anything in exchange. I myself picked the dresses and wrote the post. And I really enjoyed doing so. 

17 February 2013

hello instagram 16

1. New mittens, they are lush // 2. 30 facts about me post // 3. Date Night with Tom // 4. FOTD before work // 5. Why me & Tom don't have money = Burger King super meals // 6. Mum baked some lovely fairy buns // 7. Rocky Horror in less than 2 months!!  // 8. Lovely Valentine's presents // 9. Still cannot get over how good this is ♡

I've had a rather uneventful week as it's been half term. I normally end up working quite a bit, spending the rest of my time either with Tom, in bed or trying to attempt coursework. I go back to college tomorrow and (eek!) back into a normal sleeping routine.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend!


16 February 2013

1 Year | FOTD & OOTD

Yes I know this post is a little late as Valentine's day was on Thursday but I thought I'd save my post for the weekend. So, as well as it being V Day it was also mine and Tom's year anniversary (soppy soppy) which we were super excited for. We didn't go present mad as we're both super skint all the time and all we do is spend our money on food. However he got me some of the most gorgeous gifts ever! 
The bear was hand-made (his mum showed him how) and I love the little paper weight simply because the bear is reading a book!

We had a very relaxed day at home, we made dinner and just couch potato'd all day which was rather lovely. For the evening we went to the cinema to see Die Hard 5 which gave me an excuse to dress up which I took full advantage of (we went out for our meal last week). I also decided to wear my new Kate Moss lipstick which I'm totally in love with! 

Dress - Primark
Bag - Matalan
Coke Cap Necklace - eBay
Jacket - New Look (old)
My shoes were my black Docs but they aren't featured in the photos.

This is one of my favorite dresses and it makes me feel all vintage-y and the bag is wonderful too it can fit all sorts into it! My make up was very basic with Collection 2000 powder. My eye make up was from the Glitter Ball MUA palette and my lipstick is 111 from the Matt collection by Kate Moss.

I hope you all had a wonderful V Day and have an amazing weekend!


15 February 2013

Blog Re-vamp!

I've always wanted a little illustration for my blog and I've searched the web for one and I found lots of people offering them for a price and considering I'm a student I can't really spend cash on blog items. However I soon found the lovely Robyn who said she'd do mine for free after doing other bloggers photos. I'll tell you what I was over the moon. She was quick to respond to my email and wanted all the little details and she was absolutely wonderful with the whole process, it only took her a few days too.
Today she emailed me with the end result and what can I say, I am thrilled with it, I just want to use it for everything! It's just ever so cute and lovely. It really is incredible, if you haven't already visited her blog I suggest you go have a look and follow her, she really does deserve it! :)


11 February 2013

Clean Girls | Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory's Clean Girls - £6 for 500ml.

I got this body wash in the huuuge gift set Boot's like to cut to half price just before Christmas and I love it. I really do, I'm not really that much into buying expensive body wash but seeing as if was S&G I thought I'd give it a whirl. I've been using this since Christmas day so I apply it pretty much everyday (as does my mum!) and as you can see I have about a quarter left, to me it seems to have lasted a pretty long time! Plus one pump is a good handful for a leg so you get the picture on usage. Also this stuff smells divine. I love the fact that after my bath my skin still smells of the stuff and it's silky smooth.  
At £6 for 500ml it does seem to be pretty pricey body wash but I'll definitely repurchase as I love the smell, it lasts a long time and me and my mum adore it! 


10 February 2013

30 Things About Me...

1. I would love to get a novel published one day.
2.  I would love to live in comfy knit jumpers but some days it's just not acceptable.
3. I'm tiny. Size 4 feet and 5'3" in height.
4. Over the years I've wanted to be a part of lots of different career's which include a teacher, vet, journalist, writer and finally a clinical psychologist, the latter being the current aim and hopefully career, (uni's only next year!)
5. Like many other bookworms I get emotionally attached to characters, never a good thing.
6. I wear glasses and have done since the age of about 10, I have a love/hate relationship with them.
7. One day I will own a vintage car, which one I'm not sure, hopefully a Morris or a Beetle or maybe a VW Camper Van!

8. I've dyed my hair a lot of times, ranging from pink, blue, green, purple, red, white, blonde and black.
9. I'm 17 and at college, I study English Language & Literature (separately), Medieval History and Psychology.
10. I get along sooo much better with boys, I do enjoy being friends with girls but I'm very particular.
11. I've been with my boyfriend a year on the 14th February and I'm going to be all cliche and what not but he's the best.
12. I'm an avid reader which I've made quite clear. I can sometimes read a 500 page book in a day or two if I have the time.
13. I had braces because as a child my teeth resembled Goofy's, nuh uh!
14. I'm a messy perfectionist. Things have to be perfectly ordered within the mess e.g. piles of organised books everywhere.
15. I really do love having a job and earning my own money.
16. I love pin up girls and anything from the 70's backwards, if only people still dressed like that.
17.  I'm a sucker for beautiful buildings and cute cottages, hopefully one day I'll own one myself.
18. I adore the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (books & films) and the The Hobbit fits perfectly.
19. I've got many piercings included 2 stretched ears and when I turn 18 October I plan to be inked.
20. I love to go shopping, on my own. I like to do my own thing and spend a long time looking at things with other people whining at me.
21. My favorite make up look is winged eyeliner with either glossy or red lips.
22. I hate coffee and I hate tea. Hot chocolate is the one for me.
23. I'm 17 and I still sleep with teddy bears (given to me by my boyfriend!)
24. I am an unbelievably fussy eater, don't even ask,
25. My name is pronounced Ellie but is spelt without the 'i'.
26. I love boots, I either live in my doc martens or heeled boots.

27. Since my parents split up when I was 4 I've moved house 6 times.
28. I went to Disneyland Florida in 2006 when I was around 10/11 and it was the best holiday I have ever had.
29. I love music but I struggle to name my favorite band overall. I love different bands for different reasons.
30. I love to play games, I have an Xbox and a PS2 and I'm always on them and I thank my dad for that!

I really enjoyed doing this, if any of you have done a smiliar post link me up, I'd love to learn some things about all of you! 


9 February 2013

Date Night! | OOTD

Dress - Cameo Rose @ New Look
Shoes - New Look
Gloves - eBay
Bracelet - Pandora 
Bag - Matalan

So last Tuesday night me and my boyfriend decided to go out for a meal (pizza hut!) just like we did this time last year and I decided to make a huge effort for him and this is what I threw on as well as a great deal of make up. I had the chance to so why not!

I decided to include my gloves in this post because I'd only just got them in the post Monday and I absolutely adore them, they are the comfiest gloves and the warmest in the whole world! Also this dress is my absolute favorite, as is the bag, oh and the shoes! Here you can pretty much see 3 of my most worn and favorite items! 

Have a nice weekend!