10 February 2013

30 Things About Me...

1. I would love to get a novel published one day.
2.  I would love to live in comfy knit jumpers but some days it's just not acceptable.
3. I'm tiny. Size 4 feet and 5'3" in height.
4. Over the years I've wanted to be a part of lots of different career's which include a teacher, vet, journalist, writer and finally a clinical psychologist, the latter being the current aim and hopefully career, (uni's only next year!)
5. Like many other bookworms I get emotionally attached to characters, never a good thing.
6. I wear glasses and have done since the age of about 10, I have a love/hate relationship with them.
7. One day I will own a vintage car, which one I'm not sure, hopefully a Morris or a Beetle or maybe a VW Camper Van!

8. I've dyed my hair a lot of times, ranging from pink, blue, green, purple, red, white, blonde and black.
9. I'm 17 and at college, I study English Language & Literature (separately), Medieval History and Psychology.
10. I get along sooo much better with boys, I do enjoy being friends with girls but I'm very particular.
11. I've been with my boyfriend a year on the 14th February and I'm going to be all cliche and what not but he's the best.
12. I'm an avid reader which I've made quite clear. I can sometimes read a 500 page book in a day or two if I have the time.
13. I had braces because as a child my teeth resembled Goofy's, nuh uh!
14. I'm a messy perfectionist. Things have to be perfectly ordered within the mess e.g. piles of organised books everywhere.
15. I really do love having a job and earning my own money.
16. I love pin up girls and anything from the 70's backwards, if only people still dressed like that.
17.  I'm a sucker for beautiful buildings and cute cottages, hopefully one day I'll own one myself.
18. I adore the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (books & films) and the The Hobbit fits perfectly.
19. I've got many piercings included 2 stretched ears and when I turn 18 October I plan to be inked.
20. I love to go shopping, on my own. I like to do my own thing and spend a long time looking at things with other people whining at me.
21. My favorite make up look is winged eyeliner with either glossy or red lips.
22. I hate coffee and I hate tea. Hot chocolate is the one for me.
23. I'm 17 and I still sleep with teddy bears (given to me by my boyfriend!)
24. I am an unbelievably fussy eater, don't even ask,
25. My name is pronounced Ellie but is spelt without the 'i'.
26. I love boots, I either live in my doc martens or heeled boots.

27. Since my parents split up when I was 4 I've moved house 6 times.
28. I went to Disneyland Florida in 2006 when I was around 10/11 and it was the best holiday I have ever had.
29. I love music but I struggle to name my favorite band overall. I love different bands for different reasons.
30. I love to play games, I have an Xbox and a PS2 and I'm always on them and I thank my dad for that!

I really enjoyed doing this, if any of you have done a smiliar post link me up, I'd love to learn some things about all of you! 



  1. Oh my gosh there are so many things I can relate to here. I also only like to go shopping on my own, I hate it when it's so busy you can't even move! I also get really attached to characters but like more in the sense that I believe they are real...even if they do have magical powers.


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