27 February 2013

Sleek Storm Palette // Review

 photo DSCF7193_zps1d78f13b.jpg
 photo DSCF7214_zps6f46dd10.jpg
Top row. 
 photo DSCF7223_zps1d71dd22.jpg
Bottom row. 
This one photographed ever so badly, my camera just refused to focus but I hope you get an idea of the shades.

However, I fall more in love with this palette every time I open it. I genuinely can't wait to wear it all of the time, I let my mum have a tiny peek and she wants to get her mits on it! The pigmentation of these shades is wonderful, most of the colours are glittery and go on rather thickly. I think around 3 shades are just block colours, which do take a bit of building up when applying but look wonderful when finished. So far I really enjoy the blues on the bottom row and allll of the golds in the palette, their definitely my new favorite shade.

I've never tried products from this range before but I like them already. I'm not too sure at how much this retails at as I couldn't find it on their website or amazon but I'd recommend having a little look around! This palette is glitzy and colourful and very me. It's wonderful :)



  1. Glad you like it :) My favourite shades are the top two on the right x

    1. I love those two, they are so gorgeous! :) xo

  2. Really want to get my hands on some sleek products, but no where near me seems to stock it!

    A little bit Unique


    1. I think Superdrug have started to stock them, I know what you mean though they are gorgeous :) xo


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