15 February 2013

Blog Re-vamp!

I've always wanted a little illustration for my blog and I've searched the web for one and I found lots of people offering them for a price and considering I'm a student I can't really spend cash on blog items. However I soon found the lovely Robyn who said she'd do mine for free after doing other bloggers photos. I'll tell you what I was over the moon. She was quick to respond to my email and wanted all the little details and she was absolutely wonderful with the whole process, it only took her a few days too.
Today she emailed me with the end result and what can I say, I am thrilled with it, I just want to use it for everything! It's just ever so cute and lovely. It really is incredible, if you haven't already visited her blog I suggest you go have a look and follow her, she really does deserve it! :)



  1. Ohh it's so cool, it looks just like you!

    SHOGO x

    ♥ BLOG // TWITTER ♥

  2. LOVE this, I've been looking for one for AGES!!


  3. It really looks like you. I really want one! Xxxxx

  4. it looks so much like you i love it!


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