31 March 2013

hello instagram 17

~ warning this post is very photo heavy ~
I thought I'd do an instagram update with nearly a months worth of photos, I hope you enjoy though! :-)
1. new favorite book // 2. i finally joined the gym! // 3. little OOTD // 4. finally painted my nails // 5. started another new book // 6. cheeky payday haul // 7. more nail painting // 8. new dress // 9. new lippy // 10. FOTD // 11. it's now more like 11 days, cannot contain my excitement! // 12. feasting time with tom // 13. started e.l.f brushes kit // 14. new skin care - finally! // 15. embracing my new make up // 16. comfy molly // 17. finally deciding on where i want to go for uni // 18. work FOTD // 19. lone cafe nero date  ♡ // 20. i found my heels to finally be frank!
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30 March 2013

I Won a Giveaway! ♡ #2

The lovely Leigh recently held a giveaway as she recently hit 100 followers (congrats!) and she was offering a gorgeous Lush set as a prize! She has a wonderful blog by the way, you should all check it out. And I was the winner. It was a complete shock as I walked out of work to a tweet from her saying I'd won, eee thank you lovely!
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It got sent out last Friday and arrived the Tuesday and I really am impressed! It was a lovely cardboard box filled with little foam bits and after opening I could already smell how gorgeous the prize was, it was heavenly! As well as my wonderful prize Lush sent me a lovely little sample of their Peach Massage bar which also smells amazing! I actually haven't had a look in the box yet as it's too pretty but you can be sure of a post on these wonderful bath goodies, they smell so good I'll just have to share them.

A huuuuge thank you to Leigh, it's such a gorgeous prize and you can find her here for lots of beauty posts as well as lifestyle!
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29 March 2013

All The Wants // Wishlist #2

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one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

I think I've been lusting over everything on this wishlist for a while now. The Topshop pini is a need, I loved the one they released a few months ago and this one is just as gorgeous, I'm so into rocking the school kid look at the moment. Also I really want to get back into skincare and wanted to kick it off with some face masks, I love berry smells so after reading some reviews I decided on the Good Things Five Minute Facial.

Now make up brushes, I recently bought some from e.l.f rather cheap and realized the set I bought didn't have everything I wanted but the RT Core Collection did and at £18 on amazon right now they are such a bargain, come on payday! Also the Nivea day cream, I really badly want a new moisturizer because Botanic's just isn't doing it for me anymore. 

After watching some of Islay's videos I decided that I really badly need to find her favorite lipstick (she's a wonderful blogger by the way!) which is called 'Cherries in the Snow', Boots don't actually have it online but I have found it in shops yay! Also on an empties video she mentioned about Body Shop's body butter and I love S&G but a girl can never have too many body butters!

'Nina'. I just really badly want some new perfume, this is such a girly scent and such a cute bottle!
Another thing to add on here which I forgot is Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation, it's cheap and apparently has a wonderful finish and I need a new foundation. I just need to find the right shade as I'm rather pale with blotchy skin and don't want to waste £9 on the wrong shade :(

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27 March 2013

I'm Not Afraid ♡

Now today I have something a little more personal for you all.
As you may have seen across the social networking sites, My Chemical Romance have split up, not for a hiatus, this time for good.

I may not have mentioned these guys much since I started this blog but they still play an important part in my life. MCR are known for their huge fan base and dedicated fans - 'MCRmy' and yes I'm one of them. Also they are known as the band that 'will save your life' and for many people including myself, they did. They didn't literally 'save' me but everyone has dark and horrible times and in those this band picked me up and taught me to really love myself and to not give up. They changed me and made me the person I am today.

Now I was a late comer to the band, my brother originally was hooked on them and went to see them after the release of the Black Parade and I (now) am gutted I never went with him, at that one point I didn't know what an impact they would make. So I started to listen and I was hooked, it was the first albums that I really loved, just complete punk and it was amazing. 

However The Black Parade was the one for me, as a young teenager the album really spoke to me as it did to many other teenagers, it helped us fight our demons, we fought back! It told us not to give in and to never ever lose hope. Many of us know about what the lead singer faced and I thought it he can do it, so can I! However Danger days told me something, it was the end of an era. The band had grown up and they were all so damn happy! 

I know the band have had some really tough times and this last blow was it, it finally stopped them. But let me just say their music is amazing and will continue to be amazing. I have had the amazing pleasure of seeing these guys in the flesh twice, not only that but for my 15th birthday I had Mikey Way wish me and happy birthday (over the phone). I know people don't like him, including myself right now but I had the chance to speak to one of of my heroes. And, I took it.

Thanks guys for making your music, and making the last 12 or so years absolutely damn perfect. I don't listen to you as much as I did, but I'm going to go old school and miss you guys a hell of a lot!
I was just so close.

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22 March 2013

Kate Moss Matt Lipstick in 107 // Review

Boots - 107 £5.49
Boots - Liner £2.99

I recently saw someonereview this lipstick and I just knew I had to have it! I adore my red lippys but I wanted something a little darker, more like a wine colour but not too purple (not yet!). This shade is perfect for just that! I paired it up with Rimmel's Lasting Finish liner in Black Tulip and they work perfectly together. The liner is a little darker but the lippy just blends in nicely.

Now I've tried 111 in this make and I love it, it's my every day red lipstick but I feel that 107 has taken the top spot! Now it is red but it's much darker and not as bright. I love to wear it with winged eyeliner or just mascara and despite being dark it stands out! The lipstick itself is moisturizing for the lips and it does last! Being at college I can't always top it up which I've found that my lips do dry out a little but the colour sticks so I'd say around 2 hours before I need to top up.
As you can see their almost similar!

I love it because the colour just glides on to your lips and their just so cheap! As I'm fair skinned I thought the colour would look terrible but I think my skin tone makes it look just a little bit better. The lipsticks themselves smell divine, I'm not sure what the smell is but it's wonderful, I love wearing this colour and this make in general. I've never tried Rimmel lipsticks before but now I just want the full set, their amazing!
Please excuse the pout it was the best way to show the colour!

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21 March 2013

What's in my Makeup bag? // Video

Now I know I've done this tag before but since then my make up bag has changed quite a bit and I thought I'd do another video for you all! It's basically just me explaining the product maybe the price and why I like it. I'm new to these videos so if you could subscribe to me that would be amazing! :) ♡♡
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20 March 2013

MUA Mosaic Blush in English Rose // Review

Superdrug - £2.50

Okay I'll admit it, I'm 17 and this is the first ever blusher I've bought. However I am very picky and the reason why I chose this blusher is because it's not one solid colour (which I don't like the look of) and also it was cheap, meaning if I grow to love blusher I can expand and if not I only wasted a few ££. It's in a very sleek simple packing which I love because I can see the product without opening it. Also it was just too pretty to miss, the mosaic design is gorgeous. 

I really like this blusher, as you swirl your brush (or finger) around it combines together to give a nice pink with hints of lilac which I really love, also once it's gone on it gives off a nice shimmery look rather than a matt finish which I've taken a liking too. When applying I take my brush and swirl it around and then brush up and down on my cheek bones, I don't like to apply too much as I don't want it to look unnatural and this is the effect I get!
(It looks much more pink here due to the flash I think).

I apply this on top of mousse foundation and powder pretty much every day and I love it! It gives my cheeks a gorgeous pink shimmery finish without it looking too unnatural and it gives a glow to my skin. It's easy to apply and it's cheap. I would recommend all the way and I definitely will repurchase. 
It's the only blusher I've tried to far but it definitely is a favorite! 

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18 March 2013

Thick & Fast by Soap and Glory // Review

Boots - £10
Now I love Soap and Glory as much as the next girl but I was a little apprehensive on their make up as it can be pretty pricey. However I got this as a present at Christmas and I have to say my opinion has definitely changed! This is my every day mascara, it use to be for special days but I just love it too much to not use it! 
Now my eyelashes are naturally quite long however with this mascara they look much longer and it curls them very nicely. Also it separates them quite evenly to get the big false effect which I love! The wand is huge which picks up a lot of the product, sometimes it does clump a little bit but I just try and wipe it off. I use this for college days as well as work and it holds pretty much all day, when I take it off on a night my face wipe is full of it! 

I would full recommend this mascara for every day use, it lengthens and slightly curls my lashes, it's dead black and despite being a little expensive I would definitely repurchase!
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16 March 2013

Boots Make Up Haul // Video

I absolutely love doing haul posts and talking about make up so I thought I'd do a haul video for you all on the recent make up I bought! Please excuse the terrible quality I'm still figuring out how to work sound on my camera videos. You can find my Youtube here
I hope you all enjoy :-) ♡♡ 

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15 March 2013

eyeliner hates

Browsing facebook the other day I found this little gem. It must be the funniest but truest picture I've seen in a long time! Now I love my eyeliner, especially with the flicks but some days I turn into the first picture and just give up and wipe them off.

I think a 101 girls can relate to this!

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14 March 2013

Goodbye GFC // Hello Bloglovin'!

Hey guys I was just letting you know that sometime later this year GFC is shutting down, boohoo! I loved the concept and usefulness of the GFC button but I guess it may be time for it to go. However you can still follow me via Bloglovin and Hello cotton and Bloglovin have an excellent feature which allows you to transfer all the blogs you read over to your account.

Catch you guys on the other side! :)
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