22 March 2013

Kate Moss Matt Lipstick in 107 // Review

Boots - 107 £5.49
Boots - Liner £2.99

I recently saw someonereview this lipstick and I just knew I had to have it! I adore my red lippys but I wanted something a little darker, more like a wine colour but not too purple (not yet!). This shade is perfect for just that! I paired it up with Rimmel's Lasting Finish liner in Black Tulip and they work perfectly together. The liner is a little darker but the lippy just blends in nicely.

Now I've tried 111 in this make and I love it, it's my every day red lipstick but I feel that 107 has taken the top spot! Now it is red but it's much darker and not as bright. I love to wear it with winged eyeliner or just mascara and despite being dark it stands out! The lipstick itself is moisturizing for the lips and it does last! Being at college I can't always top it up which I've found that my lips do dry out a little but the colour sticks so I'd say around 2 hours before I need to top up.
As you can see their almost similar!

I love it because the colour just glides on to your lips and their just so cheap! As I'm fair skinned I thought the colour would look terrible but I think my skin tone makes it look just a little bit better. The lipsticks themselves smell divine, I'm not sure what the smell is but it's wonderful, I love wearing this colour and this make in general. I've never tried Rimmel lipsticks before but now I just want the full set, their amazing!
Please excuse the pout it was the best way to show the colour!

 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. I have the Kate Moss lipstick too. I don't really suit red lips, but that shade is perfect for me. Looks lovely on you :)

  2. This looks lovely, I've not tried any Rimmel lipsticks yet. It looks like my kind of colour!

    1. Thanks! Try them, they are so so gorgeous and cheap! x

  3. I bloody love this lipstick, I wear it all the time!

  4. Nice color! I love red lipstick, I don't wear it much, but it suits you!



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