18 March 2013

Thick & Fast by Soap and Glory // Review

Boots - £10
Now I love Soap and Glory as much as the next girl but I was a little apprehensive on their make up as it can be pretty pricey. However I got this as a present at Christmas and I have to say my opinion has definitely changed! This is my every day mascara, it use to be for special days but I just love it too much to not use it! 
Now my eyelashes are naturally quite long however with this mascara they look much longer and it curls them very nicely. Also it separates them quite evenly to get the big false effect which I love! The wand is huge which picks up a lot of the product, sometimes it does clump a little bit but I just try and wipe it off. I use this for college days as well as work and it holds pretty much all day, when I take it off on a night my face wipe is full of it! 

I would full recommend this mascara for every day use, it lengthens and slightly curls my lashes, it's dead black and despite being a little expensive I would definitely repurchase!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. Ah it looks really fab! I am really the same when it comes to spending money on things that you aren't 100% sure on! might give this a go when I run out of mine x

  2. I love this mascara too! Really wouldn't purchase anything else, it's too good! xx

  3. I've heard so many mixed reviews on this, good and bad, I love the MUA Every Lash Mascara in Waterproof black, it does magical things to my lashes and doesn't budge AT ALL! xx

    freshbeautyxox.blogspot.com // Shona x

    1. Same, I guess it works differently for different people :) I love my collection mascaras this was like a 'treat' :) xo


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