5 March 2013

leather & studs // OOTD

 photo 1_zps4a60eb12.jpg
 photo 22_zpsda973310.jpg
 photo 33_zpsdd8d5ae2.jpg

jacket - select
jeans - primark
top - new look
scarf - old

I may be late to jump on the leather studded jacket bandwagon but I sure am loving it! I'm rather picky when it comes to jackets butthis one seemed to tick all the boxes, apart from it had no pockets at all, boohoo! (My mum ended up sewing one in for me). But it was a perfect fit with zips on the sleeves and it's thick enough to wear in dire English winds but thin enough for the sun when it shines.

I picked up this jacket for around £25 in Select with student discount and I have fallen in love. Since buying it last week I think I've worn it every day? I also picked up this scarf of my mums and it hasn't left my neck yet! I have to say, I feel pretty good in this jacket, plus it goes with everything!



  1. This jacket is gorgeous! x


  2. you sure are rocking the leather even if it's later into the trend! I don;t even have a leather jacket but by gosh I want one bad! Especially one with studs on them!


    1. Mine was ever so cheap at £25! Thank you :) x


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