14 March 2013

Payday Shopping Spree

So it was payday on Tuesday and I had a little cheeky spree yesterday! I got paid fully and properly so I decided to splash out on some make up I had been lusting after for ages! First I found myself in Boots and I knew I had to get my hands on some Soap & Glory products as I had some vouchers so I went for their concealer in light, a lip balm in a reddish colour and because I'd spent over £12 I got a free lip and cheek stain which is a gorgeous burgundy colour. I also found myself picking up 107 in Kate Moss with a lip liner to match as as I'd spent over a fiver I got my favorite eyeliner free!

I also had a peek in Superdug and bought my first ever blusher (lame I know!) but I wanted something cheap and not so pink to start with. I also stocked up on a few bits that I was running low on and I also got the most gorgeous ring out of Primark along with Cosmo! There are still a few bits and bobs I'd like to get like the Good Things face mask but that can wait till later :) 

I had a lovely day and I was off college due to training which was even better so me and Tom slept in late and went shopping. I'm so so excited to try all my new products so be on the look out for reviews but right now I'm snuggling up with a hot chocolate and the tv!

What have you bought recently?
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  1. Love the lipstick, wish I had it x

  2. AAAH, Soap & Glory! I'm so desperate to try out some of their products (I only own their body sprays). I just feel a bit 'ugh' about spending £10 on such little product...
    I love the MUA blusher, it's so pretty!

    Laura x

    1. I know how you feel, I just bit the bullet and well I loved them plus Boot's always have cheeky 3 for 2 offers :) xo

  3. I thought I saw a tweet about a pini? Do I get to see the pini? :) I adore lip liners, they're practically my favourite thing about make up! Yours looks gorgeous! :) x

    1. Yeah of course I think I showed it in my haul video :) Thank you! xo


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