19 January 2014

Looking Towards The Future..

It's that time of year when everyone starts to panic. They start to revise for exams, they constantly check UCAS for offers and they hate college at the same time. I'm not different and it sucks. So today I thought I would share with you something that scares and excites me madly!
The idea of going to university this year.

It scares me so much, not because I have no offers or I'm such a bad student. Just the fact I'm growing up so fast and in 6 moths or so I will have left home and will have gone into the big bad world all by myself. But also getting there in the first place. I find college hard and boring. I just want to get going with Uni and my career (without finishing college please!).

(I went out on Saturday and celebrated getting all my offers woo!)

I'm also thinking about my wonderful student loan and how may gorgeous dresses or how many MAC lippies I can buy with it...heh ;-) But yeah anyone else scared shitless for starting A2 exams and accepting Uni offers? 

Or anyone else already there and want to offer advice?
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17 January 2014

'I Wanna Be Loved by' Ted Baker

There are always some gifts sets I constantly lust after in the Boot's Christmas range and this year was no other! It is always Ted Baker. Always. The sets are just always so gorgeous and girly and pretty. Not to mention the products inside always live up to the hype. This year I received two gifts sets (woo!) The first one being matching lipstick and nail polish (both of which I adore but didn't photograph) and the next which I'm about to show you all.
 photo DSC_8479_zps51893885.jpg
 photo DSC_8480_zpscc2c1e63.jpg
 photo DSC_8481_zps8844aba9.jpg
(look how gorgeous it was wrapped! I may actually be sad enough to keep the tissue paper..)
 photo DSC_8483_zps08054b89.jpg
The set contains; a candle, lip balm, body spray and hand cream. 
Not to mention the gorgeous bag it all came in! Which I'm now currently using as a makeup bag for when I'm out and about, it's big enough for the bare essentials and it's gorgeous. Back to the products. I haven't actually used the last three products, but they all smell divine so I'm excited to use these when my current products have ran out!

The candle on the other hand is only small, but it smells amazing and seems to last forever. I'm going to be quite sad when it runs out. I'm not sure how much this retails for and how long Boot's are going to keep stocking it for, but this set s ever so gorgeous next Christmas I'll have to ask for my TB sets!
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16 January 2014

The Lipstick Tag

I saw this tag on Hayley's wonderful blog and I though 'Ooh I'll give this a go!"
Seeing as I adore lipsticks here are my answers :)
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(These aren't all of my lippies, just a few favorites to show you all)

How many lipsticks do you own?
Currently I own 16 lipsticks and 5 lip stains. It was a much smaller amount when I started blogging but alas Christmas & my birthday have been as well as a few paydays.. ;-)

What was your first ever lipstick?
Oh deary me, I can't quite remember, I'm thinking one of those gross lip palettes with the little brushes from Claire's Accessories?

What is your most worn lipstick?
For lipstick I constantly wear Revlon's Matte 006 which is a gorgeous deep red colour with a perfect finish. On 'normal days' I tend to grab a babylips or Revlon's Balm Stain in 'Honey' which is such a gorgeous colour.

What is your favourite brand?
Definitely No7 or Revlon, I do like Rimmel but only the matte finishes. I really want to splash out on a Mac lippy because they are the goddesses of the beauty counters. Hopefully it'll be soon!

What is your favourite finish?
Matte, all the way yes. I do have some sheer lippys and I need to branch out into them, however the one's I have tried I'm not too keen on.

What was the last lip product you bought?
The 3 shades from Collection's Gothic range, I just had to have them for winter! I love berry shades. I also treated myself to the new 'Pink Punch' babylips, not keen on the colour though!

How many glosses and balms do you currently have in your handbag?
I carry a lip balm wherever I go and normally the colour I'm currently wearing, sometimes there's more because I forget to take them out.

What lipstick do you wear to rock a red lip?
My favorite red at the moment is one of Revlon's matte finishes in number 006 Really Red but I hope Mac's Ruby Woo will soon be gracing my lips!

How do you store your lipsticks?
In one of the drawers of my make up box, because I don't have too many I tend to find exactly the colour I want quickly. Although I am thinking about the clear plastic holders for when I move to uni.

What lip products are you constantly lusting after?
I adore the look of the Lime Crime lippys (but what colour to get??) And I also really want to add my first Mac lippy to my collection, I'm thinking Ruby Woo?

Many of you have probably already seen this tag, so link me if you've done it yourself! I always love a good read :)
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5 January 2014

you're a diamond honey

 photo DSC_8469_zps10e3be76.jpg
I remember the day when I said I'd never own a Pandora bracelet.... never mind a ring! Yet here I am owning them both, which I'm very grateful for. The charm which I have been lusting for since last year came from my mum (you're the best) and it's the most gorgeous/cute/awwwh charm in the world. The rose ring which I picked myself came from my wonderful boyfriend Tom.
 photo DSC_8475_zps8f06ed13.jpg
(ps. the cute little silver kitty was a Christmas present, it's actually a ring holder - how cute!)
One of my favorite parts of Pandora are the boxes! (how saaaaad is that) But the thing I love the most about some of their charms, this lucky cat included is the flick of colour on all of the silver. The little pink heart makes the piece, looks gorgeous and I love it. Both of them have only come away from my wrist while I've been at work.
Hallelujah jewelry that I love!
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4 January 2014


blouse - primark // jeans - primark // lipstick - art deco's dita von teese 
I recently went sales shopping and well here we are! I decided to dress down and casual for NY's eve with a little bit of colour as I attended a family party. For months last year I lusted after the huge blouses Topshop were selling and I never got my mitts on one. So I settled for second best with this gorgeous blossom one from Primark (they had a gorgeous orange print on too!)
I paired it with a strappy white top to hide my boobies and plain black jeans also from Primarni & on my wrist I have my Pandora bracelet. Like I said, nice and casual but also ever so comfy. I thought I'd show you a FOTD picture as well as I felt (not like you can tell) my make up went perfectly for a change. By that I mean my eyeliner flicks matched, yay!
Last but not least have the picture I shared on Instagram of me and Tom!
happy new year everyone xoxoxox
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3 January 2014

did someone say bath time heaven?

 photo DSC_8443_zps4d77927a.jpg
 photo DSC_8455_zps81fdea3d.jpg
Guess who got spoilt at Christmas time yet again this year. I ended up getting Soap & Glory not just from my boyfriend but also my mum, dad and grandma.. phew! Mind I never say no to gorgeous new bath products, I'm always running out so Christmas time is perfect for everyone to stock me up on my favorite goodies :-)

This year I ended up receiving the huge and wonderful £60 box that gets reduced (thanks Tom more bags for storage!), the Birthday Box and the other tube shaped one from Soap & Glory as well as some spray on moisturizer. Other goodies included the huge purple box which is from Gok Wan's range (I can't remember the name) which included goodies such as bath foam & wash and body butters - all with an amazing smell. & also the gorgeous Ted baker 'I wanna be loved by you' in the gorgeous pink bag which includes a candle, hand cream, lip balm and body spray - it's so gorgeous I don't want to unwrap it!
I got that much my 'normal' storage box was filled so I've had to end up using the S&G bag and also the Gok wan one just to keep my collection under control, all I need is some Lush products to complete the set. I'm going to take a wonderfully long bath on my day off tomorrow and use all my favorite products and some new ones as well! (I'm looking at you Sugar Crush!) I can't wait to smell wonderful with the S&G scents!

Did you receive any bath products this year?
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1 January 2014

hello 2014!

Hi guys, it's 2014!!! Have my face with a new fringe! ^__^
So it seems I lost my blogging mojo about 4+ months back and I never got back into it! Since then I've had a birthday (turning 18), broken off for Christmas from college and Christmas itself. It's been a busy last few months with my weeks filled up with college and work and trying to see my boyfriend so blogging took a back seat :(

However I have lots of goodies to show you in the new year, I got incredibly spoiled at Christmas and I will be spoiling myself with my Christmas paydays so expect a few hauls and maybe even some OOTD's as I'll probably buy an entire new wardrobe with my Christmas money... oops. However this is like two posts in one really, a small apology because I have wanted to blog but just been way too tired but also I would like to share my new year resolutions with you all. (I actually intend to keep them this year too!)
 become more confident with myself & my weight = lose about a stone and tone up meaning I need to get back to gym! But also buy clothes that are more revealing/figure hugging which spur me on to stay fit

sort my blog out, meaning I get a real design that I love so everything is organised and lovely

get a new tattoo, something a little less serious, I just want to expand my collection!

study the absolute shit out of my courses, beast my A2 exams and get into my dream university (!!)

keep a diary & memory jar, I want 2014 to be a year that I remember well

 learn to drive, I'm staying at home for university so I want to be independent, 
up my game for book reading (I nowhere near reached this years goal :c),
de-clutter my room and keep it that way, I want to be organised

Also to round this post off I though I would share a few outfits from the last few weeks that you may have seen on instagram - ellelouiseexo, I seem to have been making quite the effort recently!

night out with the work lot // birthday at college // birthday night out // college outfit (my coat♡)
christmas day // my new dress which is perfect

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and I can't wait for 2014 to get started!!
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