17 January 2014

'I Wanna Be Loved by' Ted Baker

There are always some gifts sets I constantly lust after in the Boot's Christmas range and this year was no other! It is always Ted Baker. Always. The sets are just always so gorgeous and girly and pretty. Not to mention the products inside always live up to the hype. This year I received two gifts sets (woo!) The first one being matching lipstick and nail polish (both of which I adore but didn't photograph) and the next which I'm about to show you all.
 photo DSC_8479_zps51893885.jpg
 photo DSC_8480_zpscc2c1e63.jpg
 photo DSC_8481_zps8844aba9.jpg
(look how gorgeous it was wrapped! I may actually be sad enough to keep the tissue paper..)
 photo DSC_8483_zps08054b89.jpg
The set contains; a candle, lip balm, body spray and hand cream. 
Not to mention the gorgeous bag it all came in! Which I'm now currently using as a makeup bag for when I'm out and about, it's big enough for the bare essentials and it's gorgeous. Back to the products. I haven't actually used the last three products, but they all smell divine so I'm excited to use these when my current products have ran out!

The candle on the other hand is only small, but it smells amazing and seems to last forever. I'm going to be quite sad when it runs out. I'm not sure how much this retails for and how long Boot's are going to keep stocking it for, but this set s ever so gorgeous next Christmas I'll have to ask for my TB sets!
 photo ok_zps98e2a4ee.png


  1. I didn't know they had candles in their bath range, I will have to hunt one down I bet they smell so good, I remember getting the body spray in a set last year and being obsessed with the scent x


    1. You need to hunt because they smell amazing! xo


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