1 January 2014

hello 2014!

Hi guys, it's 2014!!! Have my face with a new fringe! ^__^
So it seems I lost my blogging mojo about 4+ months back and I never got back into it! Since then I've had a birthday (turning 18), broken off for Christmas from college and Christmas itself. It's been a busy last few months with my weeks filled up with college and work and trying to see my boyfriend so blogging took a back seat :(

However I have lots of goodies to show you in the new year, I got incredibly spoiled at Christmas and I will be spoiling myself with my Christmas paydays so expect a few hauls and maybe even some OOTD's as I'll probably buy an entire new wardrobe with my Christmas money... oops. However this is like two posts in one really, a small apology because I have wanted to blog but just been way too tired but also I would like to share my new year resolutions with you all. (I actually intend to keep them this year too!)
 become more confident with myself & my weight = lose about a stone and tone up meaning I need to get back to gym! But also buy clothes that are more revealing/figure hugging which spur me on to stay fit

sort my blog out, meaning I get a real design that I love so everything is organised and lovely

get a new tattoo, something a little less serious, I just want to expand my collection!

study the absolute shit out of my courses, beast my A2 exams and get into my dream university (!!)

keep a diary & memory jar, I want 2014 to be a year that I remember well

 learn to drive, I'm staying at home for university so I want to be independent, 
up my game for book reading (I nowhere near reached this years goal :c),
de-clutter my room and keep it that way, I want to be organised

Also to round this post off I though I would share a few outfits from the last few weeks that you may have seen on instagram - ellelouiseexo, I seem to have been making quite the effort recently!

night out with the work lot // birthday at college // birthday night out // college outfit (my coat♡)
christmas day // my new dress which is perfect

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and I can't wait for 2014 to get started!!
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  1. Learning to drive is one of my goals too, love your red christmas dress!

  2. Yes! Number 1 is definitely my main priority. Getting more confident in both my body and my opinions!

  3. hell yeah! nothing better than feeling confident for a new year! xo


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