19 January 2014

Looking Towards The Future..

It's that time of year when everyone starts to panic. They start to revise for exams, they constantly check UCAS for offers and they hate college at the same time. I'm not different and it sucks. So today I thought I would share with you something that scares and excites me madly!
The idea of going to university this year.

It scares me so much, not because I have no offers or I'm such a bad student. Just the fact I'm growing up so fast and in 6 moths or so I will have left home and will have gone into the big bad world all by myself. But also getting there in the first place. I find college hard and boring. I just want to get going with Uni and my career (without finishing college please!).

(I went out on Saturday and celebrated getting all my offers woo!)

I'm also thinking about my wonderful student loan and how may gorgeous dresses or how many MAC lippies I can buy with it...heh ;-) But yeah anyone else scared shitless for starting A2 exams and accepting Uni offers? 

Or anyone else already there and want to offer advice?
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  1. I just want to be at uni now too :(
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Don't worry about Uni too much - its scary for everyone and everyone feels the same way about not wanting to grow up yet!
    Also, as exciting as it is to be getting your loan be careful with it as there is nothing worse than spending loads of it then leaving yourself with nothing!
    Natalie xx

  3. good luck with all your offers! I went through the exact same last year so I know how you feel X


  4. Aw I am originally from Lincoln and now I go to Hull University studying History! Hull is a great University! Lincoln is a cute, small town and I've heard Lincoln is good for psychology course! My flat mate studies psychology at Hull and she said it's really good here too :D xx



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