22 November 2012

Christmas Shopping!

I now have a working memory card for my camera which means more posting so sorry about the small hiatus. This week I went Christmas shopping because I got paid on Tuesday and I also treated myself to some little bits and bobs! I did spend a great deal but some things haven't arrived but I've done well so far and only have a few more presents to get! :)

first picture; lush - snow fairy gift box,  biggest bottle of snow fairy & bubblegum lip scrub, TRESemme shampoo (£2 in asda heh), licorice sweets for a friend, paul smith aftershave for the boyfriend, botanics day cream, wooly hat and dressing grown from primark, i also got a lovely deal on krispy kreme doughts which was 24 for £8... i did share don't worry!

third picture; lovely wrapping paper and tags, cute penguin cards for work friends, close family cards, more TRESemme shampoo & condition, more sweets for friends and also my little brother.

Overall you can probably see that I spent a lot.. However I am sorted for Christmas and I'm so happy I can say that! I ended up treating myself to the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which smells/tastes amazing I love it! I also stocked up on my favorite shampoo due to a brilliant bargain, a lovely wooly hat and a new dressing gown which are both so so soft. I also got the Krispy Kreme doughnuts on a whim and shared them all with a few friends me and my boy met up with. 

I'll probably have another Christmas update soon round about my next payday, still so much to buy! Plus I want my own big bottle of snow fairy! I've seen some lovely items that I would badly like for Christmas such as knee length docs filled with fair, it's just the £105 price tag does put me off a little. However this week has been lovely even being at college it's just a shame about the cold weather.

How's your week been so far?

18 November 2012

hello instagram 11

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romantic meal with the boyfriend // cute vintage bag // pick n mix are my fave
cuddle time with molly // OOTD // curled my hair for a change

Things have been slightly hectic this week as it's been assessment week at college, yay! Basically everyone's timetables collapse and we all get given certain days on when to come in for our assessments  it worked out wonderfully for me as I got all day Thursday and Friday off! This meant cuddles in bed for me and my boyfriend and lots of films.

Also this week me and my boyfriend went out for a lovely meal and a free game of bowling (thank you work!) and being the man he is, he got a pound burger with the cheese and bacon off my burger *shakes head*. However this gave me chance to dress up a little and use my gorgeous little vintage bag which was a lovely change. He also bought me a gorgeous lipstick, one of the new Kate Moss ones which is so die for!

Also payday is coming up so I decided to make all my Christmas lists for everyone and work out the costs so no doubt in the coming week you'll have a Christmas related wishlist. I also attended an awards evening this week at my old high school and I got a book voucher for excellent GCSE results so I ended up buying Girl: Interrupted and Perks of Being a Wallflower, I can't wait to start reading them!

This week I had my second review go up about Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling so if you'd like to check it out it would mean the world to me :) I've been more active in the blogging world this week and I hope it stays that way for next week., I just need to find the time to share all my goodies with you all!

Also tonight I'm going to see my gorgeous baby niece called Faith, I'm so excited to see her because she looks absolutely gorgeous from the pictures. Can't wait to watch her grow up, the little cutie!

How has your week been?

15 November 2012

Style Icon - Paloma Faith

You may not agree with me here but I think that Paloma Faith has such an amazing dress sense like Helena Bonham Carter despite it being a little wacky and outrageous. Also from seeing her on chat shows and comedy shows she seems like a lovely and friendly person. Not only is she gorgeous with amazing fashion sense she also has an MA from Leeds University and an out of this world singing voice. 

Thinking to myself when I first saw her on Celebrity Juice "This girl has style and she knows how to dress up!" Her outfits are quirky and just full of fun. They are a mix of glamour and pure vintage especially depending on how she's styled her hair. She dresses as if every day is her last and she always looks drop dead gorgeous and amazing.

She dresses as if her outfits always have a theme and I really appreciate that as obviously she puts a lot of hard work into her outfits. For example below is one of my favorite photos. She gives a 'lady like' feel to Gothic scene. She looks amazing and retro all the time keeping in the modern time. 

Also her hair is another prime example of her effort. Whether it be victory rolls, beehives or curls she can pull it off. She always decorates with big fancy bows or clips which in my opinion really does finish the outfit off. I think she could literally pull off any hair style and the rich red head colour she wears suits her perfectly. She wears the colour well and with sophistication. Lets just say if I had a hair crush and could have anyone's hair and styles it would definitely be her by a mile!

What do you think to Paloma's style?

13 November 2012

Freebies from Family Members!

Don't you just love it when you visit a family member and they give you old cast offs of make up they either don't like or have never used. I do! My auntie is a prime example. Now I love my auntie to bits and I don't see her very much so when I do go round it's a treat for the both of us. She's ever so helpful whether it be books or make up she's there to help!
Now I've had these pictures sitting away on my computer forever on what I got from her a while ago simply because I was feeling a little dumb on the whole 'skin care routine' as my mums never quite helped out. As you can see my auntie is very giving simply because she may have the products to spare or maybe she just didn't like them/didn't use them. 
These are so of my favorite products she gave me. The book - well I'm simply a sucker for good books and my auntie has amazing taste! The other products however I was in dire need of to complete my skin care routine. She gave a me a cheap Boots cleanser & toner for my routine as well as eye make up wipes and some cotton pads. I also got the girly Lynx as she hates spray on deodorants and I rather like the smell of this one. 
Other bits and bobs included make up! Now some people think cast off make up quite gross but through my auntie I can explore different types of make up and brands without paying the price tag that sometimes is a little too much to explore a product! The reason why my auntie is so good at this is because we have similar skin tones (me and my mum are completely different) so the products we would both use are quite similar in the shades. One of my favorite things she gave me was all the lip balms I got a gorgeous Paperchase one and a Plamers Coca Butter which smells amazing.

Among this little haul I got MAC lip-glosses  Body Shop eyeliner, mascara and a gorgeous shade of foundation. I also got a lovely set of Soap & Glory eye shadows which I would never normally pick up. I also got a BB cream and a concealer - 2 products I've been desperately wanting to try out but had no idea where to start. 

Already from this little freebie haul I've got products I'm itching to repurchase despite the price tag being a little expensive. The foundation given to me was from Body Shop and costs around £13, normally I would say no (I may sound a little stingy when it comes to make up prices but I am a student with my first job so I aren't quite use to spending yet.)  but because of this I know it really suits my skin tone, is easy to take off and doesn't have a 'heavy feeling' that some foundations have. Sometimes like me all you need is a little push in the right direction for make up :) 

12 November 2012

Weleda - Wild Rose Night Cream

Retails at £14.95 - 30ml.

Now I was rather excited to review this product which came in this month's SSB box! At first I really enjoyed the scent as I had smelt it when I had first opened my box. The reason why I was so excited for this product as it is a night cream. Now I've seen lots of good things about night creams and how they are a must within your skin care routine so I was excited!

I've been using it every night before bed this week and I know it's not a very long time to use and then review the product but I found some faults within the first time of using. Now at first glance (or smell) the scent was rather nice and different to other scents of night cream so I rather liked it. However after applying to my face for a few nights I got bored of the smell and really began to dislike it. Maybe it's just me but I rather dislike the 'wild rose' smell as it is rather overpowering.

However I decided to carry on using it despite the smell. In a morning my skin did feel rather nice and refreshed however another problem. After applying on a night the cream would take a long time to sink in and well I just though that was how it worked however half an hour after applying my skin just felt greasy as if I'd not taken my make up off which really did put me off. I carried on using and got the same problem every time after applying. Also I noticed on the first application that the cream was actually an off yellow colour which really put me off and as I like plain and neutral creams. 

Despite liking the idea of night creams I don't think this one is really for me. I don't like the smell all that much as it is overpowering and also I don't like the greasy feeling after being applied and also it just takes forever to skin in whereas my normal moisturizer takes merely minutes. I would not repurchase at all, I wasn't overly impressed. I think if I do start using night creams I'll have to scope around for a nice one which suits my skin.

11 November 2012

Hello Sunday!

Yay it's finally Sunday one of the best days on the week - apart from Friday. For a change I'm not actually at work today, how lovely! I'm either going to be spending the day catching up on some good 'ol books and watching some films. I may even be seeing my dad today however I'm not too sure. I've had a rather lovely week spent mostly at college but also with my lovely boyfriend. He came to my house one night and brought me a gorgeous little surprise in the shape of flowers. I've never actually been given flowers so it was a lovely little treat.
I had a day off this Thursday due to college training days and what not so I spent it at my boyfriends making a little  ginger bread house and brownies! They tasted so divine but you wouldn't tell from the picture. I've got a busy week coming up - Assessment Week! 3 hour blocks of all my college lessons but apart from that I get all of Thursday and Friday off which is quite wonderful I have to admit.  I also got paid this week and I'm sat to sad it's all gone this week. Boohoo, however I did buy this gorgeous coat, I literally fell in love with it!

What I've Been Loving This Week
This is such a cute & wonderful idea. I'd love to do this for my boyfriend at Christmas!
How wonderful is this?? I love cats so if I had a kitchen this would definitely be up!

Like I said I have a big week ahead of me so instead films and reading I'll probably be revising hard later today! However I can't wait until next payday which is just under a week and a bit away! I'm getting quite a big chunk this time round so it'll be mass Christmas shopping for me! I'm ever so excited and I've already got my lists for everyone planned and maybe a cheeky little giveaway for you all.

How are you spending your Sunday?

10 November 2012

Fame - Lady Gaga Eau de Parfum

(bad quality pictures due to having no memory card for my camera)

I've been so excited to review this product for you all as it has quickly become my new favorite perfume!
I think many of you are now aware that I got the Lady Gaga 'Fame' perfume for my birthday. Now I've been raving on and on about this perfume and how much I wanted it however I was a little apprehensive about the scent, would it be too girly? Would it be floral and sweet and so unlike Gaga? However high my expectations were, it was so much better. It was sweet and musky and slightly overpowering when first put on but as the scent fades it lingers on my clothes/body and can sometimes stay with me all day!

Now the thing I like a lot about this scent is that the fluid is black, even on the case it's presented as 'black fluid' which is definitely Gaga being original as this perfume is one of a kind until others follow in her footsteps. My boyfriend being the wonderful guy he is decided to get me the gift set which also contained body wash in the most gorgeous box! The body wash smells exactly like the perfume which is wonderful!

In my opinion the perfume is very original and one of a kind. You don't even have to like the artist to like this perfume, despite the use of black fluid and the design of the bottle portraying her, you wouldn't expect this type of scent to come out of Gaga which I really do like. As I said it's a very sweet scent which would make most teenage girls happy and maybe even a few adults - my mum and auntie sure do like it!

I would definitely recommend and repurchase. At the moment you can get the same deal I got for around £25 in Boots and when this offer is other you can buy the perfume on it's on for £25 which I think is a rather nice deal for the quality you are getting with the scent. I'm really pleased with this product. 

6 November 2012

hello instagram 10

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outfit selfie // mmhhh // SSB box arrived!
fun night in for me and tom // mcdonalds breakfast before work // molly cuddles
ipod arrived! // selfie // mmmhhh

So I know this post is rather late but I spent my half term mostly at work so there was many photos from last week or many posts. I've just been ever so tired and fed up. But I'm back to college this week which means less time at work and more time to blog and see my boyfriend oh and of course instagram so that's wonderful. 

However apart from earning a lot of money last week I had a lovely week spent with my boyfriend. I stayed there a few nights and did some lovely things such as ordering take away, cuddling up with hot water bottles oh and we went to pizza hut. Coming home from my boyfriend I found my new iPod had arrived so I've spent the last week trying to fill it up! Also before work this Sunday just been gone my boyfriend took me out for a Mcdonalds breakfast (classy!) which was actually really nice, pancakes with syrup and a bagel, mmmh :)  

Also my November box from She Said Beauty also arrived and I have to say I'm really happy with it! I love everything in it so I'm excited to use everything properly Also it was payday today yay! Which means spending time, so hopefully in this coming week I'll have some lovely posts lined up for you all! Also last week my first review went up at the Bloggers Bookshelf which was also rather lovely. I'm also making my way through my book challenge for the year, only 11 books to go!

How did you spend your half term?

5 November 2012

She Said Beauty - November Edition

Here it is, the beginning of the month and with it brings my November Beauty box. It arrived quite early Saturday morning and it was a lovely feeling just to be able to open it straight away and look at my goodies and let me tell you it was a lovely surprise! Here is what I got.
So..? Brit Body Spray
Now this stuff really does smell amazing and it caught my eye first! I love having body sprays that I can use any time of day and this scent is rather sweet. It's suited most probably for teenage girls but I really do love the smell and it perfect for every day wear. I also got a full sample so I'll definitely be making good use of it. It's also rather cheap at £1.99 at full size. 

Yardley Royal English Eau de Toilette
Now I am all about perfume samples, I love trying out new scents to find favorites and this one is gorgeous. I only used a little to get a feel of the scent and it's really refreshing and sweet. It's lovely for every day wear and I think it's becoming one of my favorites already. It was a rather small sample however it's a cheap treasure retailing at £9.99 for 50ml and £14.95 for 125ml.  So I'm definitely going to purchase it!

Murrays Manicure Nail Files
This was SSB's little treat this month and I couldn't be happier. I really want to get into looking after my nails and nail files is the perfect place for me to start. They are rather cute and small which makes them very handy. I can't wait to use these and retailing at £1.99 they don't cost much to stock up on!

Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Condition
I love samples like this! I'm always looking for something to look after my hair well. I can't wait to try these out as I have seen many good things about them. Also they suit my hair beautifully as it can get quite bad in the winter. They are only sold in Supercuts salons and retail at £11.85 - shampoo and £13.40 - condition.

Makebelieve Enhance Luminize Skin Highlighter
I'm always looking for ways to make my skin look better so this product couldn't have come at a better time. I only swatch-ed this product so I don't know what it looks like on but the colour looks so amazing. I can't actually wait to try this out. I hope it looks as good on and as I got a full size sample I'll make good use of it! It retails at £7.50 for 2ml which is full size.

Welda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream
I was so happy with this sample, it's not a full sized product but it is still a lovely size. I've never really used night creams before but I hope to start with this one, it smells rather lovely so I can't wait to use it! It retails at £14.95 for 30ml I hope it's worth the price as I may end up buying it.

Collection 2000 Primed & Ready Soothing Make -Up Primer 
This was also another full sized product which I was happy to receive because whenever I do put make up on it does sometimes go a little funny and tends to wear off quickly so I think this would be a lovely base for my make up. I adore Collection 2000 products so I'm excited to try this. This product is rather cheap and retails at £5.99 for 18ml.
As you can tell I was really happy with this edition of the SSB box. I received lovely products that I can't wait to use properly and that I bet I will purchase! All the products were wonderfully suited to me and I couldn't be happier.

What did you think to your November SSB box?