10 November 2012

Fame - Lady Gaga Eau de Parfum

(bad quality pictures due to having no memory card for my camera)

I've been so excited to review this product for you all as it has quickly become my new favorite perfume!
I think many of you are now aware that I got the Lady Gaga 'Fame' perfume for my birthday. Now I've been raving on and on about this perfume and how much I wanted it however I was a little apprehensive about the scent, would it be too girly? Would it be floral and sweet and so unlike Gaga? However high my expectations were, it was so much better. It was sweet and musky and slightly overpowering when first put on but as the scent fades it lingers on my clothes/body and can sometimes stay with me all day!

Now the thing I like a lot about this scent is that the fluid is black, even on the case it's presented as 'black fluid' which is definitely Gaga being original as this perfume is one of a kind until others follow in her footsteps. My boyfriend being the wonderful guy he is decided to get me the gift set which also contained body wash in the most gorgeous box! The body wash smells exactly like the perfume which is wonderful!

In my opinion the perfume is very original and one of a kind. You don't even have to like the artist to like this perfume, despite the use of black fluid and the design of the bottle portraying her, you wouldn't expect this type of scent to come out of Gaga which I really do like. As I said it's a very sweet scent which would make most teenage girls happy and maybe even a few adults - my mum and auntie sure do like it!

I would definitely recommend and repurchase. At the moment you can get the same deal I got for around £25 in Boots and when this offer is other you can buy the perfume on it's on for £25 which I think is a rather nice deal for the quality you are getting with the scent. I'm really pleased with this product. 


  1. It sounds lovely!

    I've bought my Mum this for Christmas and i'm hoping we think alike and she's done the same :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. It smells wonderful, I hope you get it :) xx


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