31 August 2012

Back To School Shop; Stationary.

I've recently been a very bad blogger, I've been busy with work and shopping and throw in staying at my boyfriends all week, it's been bloomin' hetic! Yesterday however I had a shopping trip with my mum for college clothes! Spent quite a bit too, because I was at work last night I ended up leaving all my purchases at home so you don't get to see them till I get home, probably Saturday night :) However me and my boyfriend did go shopping for college today, for stationary! I sound so geeky but I love buying it and I love using it. I'm doing 4 A Levels that are all pretty much writing based and quite academic so I wanted to get my notebooks and that.

camper van and purple folder // 3x NU: notebooks // bic pens & pencils 
elephant pencil case // highlighters // plastic folder with wallets 

I am a sucker for everything cute and stationary wise, I'm sure you've guessed by the Camper Van folder and elephant pencil case. Everything is getting so much more expensive so I just had to keep what I wanted to a minimum and when I get paid get anything else I may need. Yes I am looking forward to college and even more so because I get to use new fresh notebooks. I love it. Also me and my boyfriend had an amazing tea tonight. We shared a large pepperoni pizza and we got wedges with it. Mmmh, it looks so tasty!
I took all the pepperoni off my pizza because I didn't actually like it heh.

I have to say though going shopping for clothes, make up (which I haven't done yet) and stationary when starting school/college/or just another year in education is probably my favorite shopping time of the whole year, I enjoy shopping anyway but there's just something about buying a certain amount of clothes and make up for this event and then the time when you get to wear everything each day at college. Yeah I'm excited to start college, can't wait to wear all of my clothes! I start college on Monday & Tuesday afternoon (introduction) and I get my timetable on Thursday, excited, eek!!
Ps. I'll show you my college clothes on Saturday :)

Whats your favorite shopping occasion? 
Did you enjoy college?

29 August 2012

College Enrollment & Mini Shopping Haul

So I had my college enrollment yesterday, scary stuff I know! It went a bit rubbish too because my grades apparently weren't impressive enough so I'm down to doing 4 subjects which I can't really complain about I guess, so I'm doing English Literature, English Language, Medieval History and Psychology which I am so excited for. I start college on Monday & Tuesday for my introduction and my first ever day is Thursday next week, I'm so excited but pretty scared too, just got to wait and see what it's like!
This is my favorite dress ever, I got it from Primark and age ago and it's gorgeous.
After my enrollment me and my boyfriend decided to go to town because we both had some pennies to spend (payday & results money) and we did just that. I decided to get a few bits and bobs that I've wanted for a while and also there is more to come because I haven't done my shopping for college! I go tomorrow so I'm really excited, new clothes, make up and stationary, lovely! However this is what I got.
The pictures are really bad quality because I took them on my iphone, I don't have my camera at the mo.
Comic Books - £1 each, I like to buy the pretty cover & Marvel ones.
Incense stick Holder & Insecure - £1 and 15p a stick.
Coin Panda Purse - Primark £3.
Lush Robot Bath Bomb - £1.90
Lush Coco Butter Charity Pot - £1
Studded Boots - £4.99 out of Banardo's Charity Shop.
My incense stick holder after we burnt 'wet grass' it smells divine so we're definitely getting it again! Also me and Tom also had a little nip in Krispy Kreme, like we always do when he gets paid and this time round we got Chocolate Kreme and Chocolate Dreamcake, the tasted amazing. However I have to dash because I have work in 2 hours (!!) So I have to get ready, I'm so excited honestly, I feel like a little kid
What Lush products would you recommend for a first time buyer? 

27 August 2012

Like, Love, Loathe 001

Now I've seen this post on Bex's blog for the past few weeks and have wanted to do it myself but I quite haven't had chance, I've either been too busy or had way too many posts for a Monday so I thought I would start this week.
Now I'm British so my summer hasn't looked like this at all this year however I did have a lovely one. Summer is my like this week because it is ending, this week I start work and I enroll at college so to finish it off I'm staying at my boyfriends for week and we're having a small party to celebrates results and that. Did you all have a nice summer?

Holidays - Amsterdam
Me and my best friend have kind of been getting ahead of ourselves with the job thing. Yes we finally got our job which means a wage in our pocket every month to spend on what we like. However we've decided to plan a holiday for next year to Amsterdam, our first one ever without our parents, yes a big deal. We may be planning a bit too much, but we will make it happen! We're both so excited already, we haven't even had our start days at work yet either!


Over the Summer I seem to have put on a few pounds. I've spent a lot of time with my boyfriend and best friend which results in lot's of take away, sweets and baking! We just can't seem to help ourselves  So me and Tom have made a pact to try and loose some weight and also try to eat a bit healthier. We are going to struggle so badly!

What are your likes, loves and loathes of the past week?

24 August 2012

Hello Instagram # 01

Yes I've been a really bad blogger recently! I know I'm very sorry, I haven't been all that interesting so I'll make this entry short and sweet and fill it with picture. I've had interviews, job inductions, meals out and results so it's been a stressful week but everything will calm down next week, I start work on Wednesday ee! :)  Anyway on to the pictures!

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job induction (!!) // painted my nails a gorgeous colour // nando's for tea celebrations with grandparents!
my actual GCSE results heh //  packing for next week @ tom's
instead of getting me a bouquet of flowers my grandma got me one of chocolate bars!

Okay so I know it looks a tiny bit daft because I don't have enough pictures to fill 3 rows but ah well eh, I had an amazing day so I don't really care. I start work Wednesday and I go to my boyfriends tomorrow for a week so it means I can blog a whole lot more because next week I enroll at college, I'm starting work and also I'm going shopping (!!) for college which I'm really excited for so yeah, I promise I'll have some good posts for you, featuring both make up clothes and reviews of certain products I've been meaning to do for a while, don;t worry I won't leave you all. Also I'm having a little 'results celbration' gathering with a few friend's and drinks to that'll be fun.

See you tomorrow guys also enter my giveaway here to win some gorgeous jewelry!

23 August 2012

D-Day - GCSE Results

So like many around the country today, I got my GCSE results, had a bad nights sleep like everyone did and was up bright and early only to find that we couldn't collect them till 10:30am, not to brag but I'm quite a smart kid. I study hard and I love certain subjects (*cough English*) so I was worried to an extent but overall, I knew I wouldn't be that disappointed (I swear I'm not bragging I just put 110% in my grades) and well.. I wasn't!! Most of you probably already know because of twitter but hey why not make a blog post of it as well as an outfit post? :)
dress - primark // blazer - next // black boots (not shown) - beasley's

I think the scariest moment for me was actually walking up to the table to collect my big enevolpe full of results, not even opening them was scary, I knew I had to get it over and done with! Thank god I had my boyfriend and best friend (also collecting her results) there for moral support. I was overall, pretty pleased with my results, one I wasn't too happy with but that was through no fault of my own (the exam board got a little shitty and marked everyone down on the exam of my diploma) but I have the right grades to go to college so I can't complain!

Overall I got :
10 A's 
7 B's
3 C's
I got the A in English and R.E I wanted and also a distinction (A*/A) in my Art BTEC where me and my friend created these bad boys;
So overall I'm pretty chuffed with my results and all my family are so proud of me and my brother (I have a twin! Also I got so many GCSE's because I did 3/4 BTEC's were you get 2 GCSE's per subject).

This is the only blog for today though as within the next half an hour my dad is taking me and my brother out to celebrate in Frankie and Bennie's and so will the rest of my family for the next week, everyone wants to go out for a meal and treat me and my brother, so hey why not. I also get money from a company within my city because me and other students have done so well, wow!

So I'll leave it here and just say how happy I genuinely am with my results. All that's left now is my job (!!) induction tomorrow and then I enroll at college next Tuesday - oh what an exciting few days this has been. Thank you everyone for the 'good lucks' and 'congratulations' they've been giving me. It means a whole lot and finally after 5 years of hard work at school I can finally say I've left.. ~properly~ .

So I had a lovely meal at Frankie and Bennies, I've just got back and I am full to the brim, wow they do good pizzas! Also look at the amazing dessert me and my brother shared (mmh brownies!)

22 August 2012

Happy Elle!

Okay so guys, I told you all I'd update you all how my job interview went and I thought it deserved it's own post! Well... I got the job! I'm so happy I could genuinely cry right now. I've been looking for a job since I turned 16 last year and I've been slaving away at a paper round since last November so I guess my time finally came. Don't judge, the job is at KFC but I can't complain, I honestly can't this is the first and I can't wait.

I have an induction on Friday, I guess to learn the job and bits and bobs and I'll probably find out all the details and my start date then. Best thing is I'll have my best friend with me because she's got the induction too! I am honestly so happy right now, it's come at a perfect time too because I enroll at college next Thursday and just knew I had to get rid of my paper round so yeah. Thanks so much to everyone wishing me luck, I guess the only luck I need right now is for my exam results which is tomorrow.

This is means not only do I have a job and a wage but also it means I can now buy beauty products and all that, plus handbags and books and (my favorite items!) so much more because I have a better wage. I'm just so excited I can't wait! :-)

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OOTD - Job Interview

I get pretty scared at these things, mainly because I've ever only had one (at Comet) had an amazing interview and totally killed it by saying what I wanted to do at College and University etc. My mum forgot to mention to be that was a big no-no. However this one is slightly different as it's at KFC and I'm sure it's not too hard to get a job there right? However I will be dressing very formally, got to give a good first impression right? This means the taking out of my nose ring, changing plugs over and taking out every single pair of studs my ears contain :(

I'm wearing what I wore last time, simply because I adore the full outfit and well I think it looks quite professional, even if I do say so myself. However the shoes at the moment are a little wrecked the sole came off completely so I'm stuck for shoes. Also I must remind myself that when talking about my future I must be very vague, eek.
blazer - debhanams // blouse/top - matalan // 
pencil skirt - shop in hull // shoes - matalan (no idea if I'm wearing them though :c)

I'm posting this during the day before my actual interview so I will probably do an edit with how I think it went and all that :) My interview is at 4:40pm so wish me luck!

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21 August 2012

2 Songs

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself

Little apology first in this post. I'm sorry all I've been posting is this daft challenge. I've been terribly busy this week and haven't had time to do any 'normal posts'. I also have a job interview tomorrow(!!) and it's my result's day on Thursday so expect even more personal posts, again very sorry. After Thursday I will get down to the more beauty side of things here because hopefully I'll have money. Anyway on with the challenge! 

1. Rock the Casbah - The Clash.
God I love this song, I first heard it 'properly' on my first (illegal) night out and it's been one of my favorites ever sinc always it has a good memory of a fab night out for me, which is ever better :-)

2. This is a hard one but I'll pick Hope - The Blackout.
They are such a good band, full of amazing friendly members and always they are so damn good live! This song especially because well I just like it a whole lot. I adore acoustic music as well so I choose the acoustic version.

This was really hard because I haven't included some of my favorites bands like The Candle Thieves and such so if you want to know more chekc out my last.fm.

Also asking for a little advice here, can anyone help me with putting pictures side by side each other in a blog post? I do have some methods but their not all that great and well google's not much help either. So please?

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20 August 2012

Laine Blogger Award

Wow I seem quite popular for awards on here at the moment. I love answering questions so these are amazing. Thanks ever so much to Vicky who awarded me, seriously check out her blog it's so cute and just amazing!

The Rules
tag the blogger who awarded you.
Answer the 5 questions below.
Award 5 more bloggers the Laine Blogger award.

What is your current beauty obsession?
I adore and I have fallen in love with MUA's whole collection of makeup, especially their bright red lipstick and Glitter Ball Palette. It's such a cheap brand but such high quality I would always rec commend it. Especially  if you're like me and don't like to fork out lots for make up. 

What is one beauty item you wished you owned?
I love lipsticks at the moment so I would have to say a top brand one such as MAC, I'm not really sure because I don't really wish for many products. maybe I need to get out more and look at beauty products! Ooh or another MUA palette. 

What is your favorite post to read or write about?
I really enjoy people personal posts such as awards like this, the 10 day 'You' Challenge or just a post about their day with an OOTD thrown in. It's always nice and really interesting to read about people's daily lives. I like to see what I may have in common with people :)

What inspired you to become a blogger?
I've answered this a few times before and well I've seen other peoples blog and I wanted to start a proper one, not like Tumblr that's just a popularity contest! Also I've always kept a diary and I wanted somewhere else to talk about my day and what I do so I though hey a blog? Meet new people read reviews/write my own. I'm so glad I did this, I love blogging!

What nail polish are you wearing right now.
I'm wearing quite a mix actually but you can find the polish that I used here.
My nails currently look like this just not as messy.

These 5 people I'm awarding:
Mia @ miaalice.
Shanice @ becausebrains.
M @ mlssbrysw.
Ali @ zombiesweareyeliner.
 Vicki @ victoriajanex.

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3 Films

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself

Yet another hard choice for me! I love films so much, I'm such a film geek. This is going to be pretty boring though because it's going to be 2 series and one film but I'm sure you you keep searching this tag I will eventually post more of my favorite films :)

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. 
Just ~wow~ I only watched them this year, first time ever because when I was younger they scared me and well they've taken the top spot!

2. Harry Potter series.
I'm sorry I had to. They don't quite live up to the books enough but they will do. Amazing cast too.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
This film has the most amazing soundtrack ever, yes I know it off by heart. I first watched this when I was about 10 and loved it ever since. I just love what it's about and the characters are just amazing! (I was Dr. Frank-N-Furter for Halloween once ^.^)
Do you like any of these films? Also what are your favorite films?
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