18 August 2012

Thank You!

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Thank you dearly, to each and everyone of my followers and commenter's it means the world to me and I've finally reached 50 followers. I'm so happy and also it means I can start the giveaway! Which will officially start on Monday at 12:30pm. Today is going to be a little more of a personal blog post because I haven't seen my dad in a long time and I had a lovely day. 

Today I went to see my dad which I haven't done for the past few weeks and of course my gorgeous little brother. A new toy store recently opened in my town - Symth's toy store and it was the grand opening today so before going back to my dad's out of town we thought we'd pop in for a look :) 
How adorable is he? He's 4 next year and he's just getting into the whole superhero phase, I can't wait till I can buy him action figures and comic books! :D
Also I had a little spending spree of my own, I just couldn't help myself.
cosmo - £2 // underworld & contraband - blockbuster (rented) // gourmet jelly beans mmmh! for 95p too!

Whenever I go to my dads he always likes to go rent a few films and buy me and Joshua a few sweets and today we even decided to bake. Now these ones didn't turn out as well as I hoped, they were only part of a packet mix but Joshua really wanted to do them.
the ingredients we used
packet mix  & icing sugar - morrisons // eggs - morrisons 
we also made the butter cream icing ourselves from this site 
Now I know they don't like that amazing, the icing was a little runny and very yellow but he wanted to decorate the buns with sprinkles so we did so :) They do taste quite yummy though! And I did have a lovely day. I ended up watching the film 'Puss in Boot's' in-between baking and I have to admit, it's a really good kiddy film! I'll get around to doing my Friday wishlist either later or tomorrow and then I'll do my 'you' challenge later too :)

Just reminder to all my followers, the giveaway starts on Monday and again thank you!

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  1. Hello there my dearest second cousin!

    I will definitely be getting involved in that giveaway, muaha ;)

    I've never bought cosmo before, what's it like? It'd normally more expensive isn't it? :(

    I have blogger now, it took me AGES to get the hang of it seriously. Like oh my god, I was so confused. :P

    JOSHUA IS NEVER 4 NEXT YEAR. That's gone so fast. I remember you telling me he was born haha :p He looks adorable. :3

    I love baking, I used to bake like twice a week but then I thought I might start putting weight on haha! Not good.

    Much love x


    1. I wish I could, the jewelry is gorgeous and HI! I looked at your profile and noticed no blog boo but you have one now yay by the way what happened to alannahjade? I really like Cosmo, it's normally £3.50 but a really good ~beauty~ read and sometimes you get amazing products from the :) Seriously you're meant to be the blog expert ;)

      I know doesn't he! I remember when Wendy went into labor, my god what a night! It feels like nothing hah. Bake more it's so fun, you never know you could sell them :P


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