15 August 2012

Anniversary time!

So yesterday was mine and my boyfriends 6 month anniversary (I know it's not a huuuge milestone but for people my age it is) and I used it as an excuse to be girly so I could put on a dress with make up and wear heels. Which I did! :) We celebrated by going and getting something to eat so I can do a outfit post! :)
make up I used
MUA pressed powder - shade 1 // collection 2000 felt liner
sexy motherpucker S&G lip gloss // collection 2000 big fake lashes mascara
yay a dress and heels!
shoes - new look // dress - primark
necklace (one of my faves) - primark // ring - also primark

Okay so it's not one of my best outfit posts but I adore the dress and jewlerly that I had on it went all so nicely together and it's so cute! I had a lovely night as well, we ordered in take away and bought ice cream and sat together and ate. Sounds sucky but it was really lovely, it's just a shame my present didn't come :(
Tea time!

I'm sorry for the smallest post ever, filled with rubbish pictures taken with my phone but it was a special night for me that I wanted to share with you all because I'm so happy yay. I'll go back to posting properly a little later :)


  1. Congrats on the milestone! I love the jewelry + dress, very cute. :)

  2. Was my boyfriend and my anniversary yesterday too :) glad you had a nice evening :)


    1. Thank you ever do much :) hope you too have a lovely day/evening too :) xo

  3. I think six months is a mile stone -congratulations !
    I love your dress (:

  4. hey hey congrats!!! mine is tomorrow!!! 11 months :) I hope you really had such a great time!



  5. You look beautiful, lovely! :)
    I hope Tom liked his gift!

    1. Thank you ever so much and he loved it :) xo

  6. Gorgeous dress, and I love those heels!
    Thanks for commenting/following my blog! :)


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