6 August 2012

Late Night Snacking

Okay so last night, (yes it was about 11pm) me and Tom decided we would make flap jack and while they were cooking, watch The Butterfly Effect. So that's why we did!

Our Ingredients
5/6 table spoons of golden syrup
200g of butter
330g of porridge oats

Okay so first we melted the butter and the syrup together till there were no more lumps on the stove, we went from a high heat to a low heat when there were little lumps left so the syrup didn't burn.
After everything had melted we then made a little well in the middle of the oats and as Tom poured the hot mixture in I stirred the oats into it so everything mixed together. After we finished this we put it in a square tin lined with greased backing paper and smoothed the whole mixture over.
Then 25 minutes later at a heat just under 200° we took the mixture out (it was a golden brown) and we cut the flapjacks into 4x4 squares giving us 12 pieces and remember cut the flapjack before it cools.
Look how yummy it looks! It was nice and crunchy on the top and when it was still warm on the inside very gooey and warm, we think it's out best attempt yet (our first one didn't have enough syrup :c ) We then ate about 5 pieces between us watching the end of our film, definitely a good late night snack! 

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  1. Awww yeah, I love flapjack, it's always so good when it's still chewy in the middle, mm, must got make some now :'D

    1. This was just that tasted gorgeous just out the oven and cooled a little, mmh! xo


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