31 August 2012

Back To School Shop; Stationary.

I've recently been a very bad blogger, I've been busy with work and shopping and throw in staying at my boyfriends all week, it's been bloomin' hetic! Yesterday however I had a shopping trip with my mum for college clothes! Spent quite a bit too, because I was at work last night I ended up leaving all my purchases at home so you don't get to see them till I get home, probably Saturday night :) However me and my boyfriend did go shopping for college today, for stationary! I sound so geeky but I love buying it and I love using it. I'm doing 4 A Levels that are all pretty much writing based and quite academic so I wanted to get my notebooks and that.

camper van and purple folder // 3x NU: notebooks // bic pens & pencils 
elephant pencil case // highlighters // plastic folder with wallets 

I am a sucker for everything cute and stationary wise, I'm sure you've guessed by the Camper Van folder and elephant pencil case. Everything is getting so much more expensive so I just had to keep what I wanted to a minimum and when I get paid get anything else I may need. Yes I am looking forward to college and even more so because I get to use new fresh notebooks. I love it. Also me and my boyfriend had an amazing tea tonight. We shared a large pepperoni pizza and we got wedges with it. Mmmh, it looks so tasty!
I took all the pepperoni off my pizza because I didn't actually like it heh.

I have to say though going shopping for clothes, make up (which I haven't done yet) and stationary when starting school/college/or just another year in education is probably my favorite shopping time of the whole year, I enjoy shopping anyway but there's just something about buying a certain amount of clothes and make up for this event and then the time when you get to wear everything each day at college. Yeah I'm excited to start college, can't wait to wear all of my clothes! I start college on Monday & Tuesday afternoon (introduction) and I get my timetable on Thursday, excited, eek!!
Ps. I'll show you my college clothes on Saturday :)

Whats your favorite shopping occasion? 
Did you enjoy college?


  1. I actually love going stationary shopping but I think I enjoy underwear shopping the most !
    Plus that pizza is making me feel so hungry..
    Love from your newest follower xo


    1. Thank you ever so much and same here! I just hate how expensive underwear actually is :( xo

  2. I feel exactly the same when it comes to school shopping! I think it's because you get to refresh your wardrobe that makes it so fun but there's nothing better than a good old stationery shop. Although I think I bought a few too many folders just because I got slightly carried away haha xx

    1. Exactly how I feel, my mum's always like 'oh you don't need to' but I love fresh starts for a new year! :) hah! I'm actually scared I haven't bought enough eek :c xo

  3. My favourite thing about school is when I get to buy new stationary for a new year, its like getting a 2nd chance at life, a fresh start haha. Love your blog, I don't see many bloggers who are 16 (have have decent blogs) so I'm certainley going to following you!

    1. Wow thank you ever so much and exactly what i think. Everything is new and wonderful :) xo


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