24 August 2012

Hello Instagram # 01

Yes I've been a really bad blogger recently! I know I'm very sorry, I haven't been all that interesting so I'll make this entry short and sweet and fill it with picture. I've had interviews, job inductions, meals out and results so it's been a stressful week but everything will calm down next week, I start work on Wednesday ee! :)  Anyway on to the pictures!

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job induction (!!) // painted my nails a gorgeous colour // nando's for tea celebrations with grandparents!
my actual GCSE results heh //  packing for next week @ tom's
instead of getting me a bouquet of flowers my grandma got me one of chocolate bars!

Okay so I know it looks a tiny bit daft because I don't have enough pictures to fill 3 rows but ah well eh, I had an amazing day so I don't really care. I start work Wednesday and I go to my boyfriends tomorrow for a week so it means I can blog a whole lot more because next week I enroll at college, I'm starting work and also I'm going shopping (!!) for college which I'm really excited for so yeah, I promise I'll have some good posts for you, featuring both make up clothes and reviews of certain products I've been meaning to do for a while, don;t worry I won't leave you all. Also I'm having a little 'results celbration' gathering with a few friend's and drinks to that'll be fun.

See you tomorrow guys also enter my giveaway here to win some gorgeous jewelry!


  1. Sounds like you've been having a busy time. Congratulations on the results and the job again, well done you!
    - Kirsty

    1. Thank you ever so much and I have hah, I just hope it all calms down.
      Elle xo


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