15 August 2012

8 Fears

10 Day 'You' Challenge
10 secrets // 9 places // 8 fears // 7 wants // 6 places // 5 foods
4 books // 3 films // 2 songs // 1 picture of yourself
  1. I'm pretty sad to admit this but the dark. I don't sleep in it and I still sleep with the light on. I can't be by myself in the dark, if I'm with my boyfriend I'm okay. If not well.. my mind is very vivid and makes horrible things up in my head :(
  2. I really don't like spiders. Not the fact of them, their just so small and they crawl around and you loose them so easily, man that's scary.
  3. I fear I won't get the grades I want which means not doing well in college and university. All I want is to do well in my life.
  4. Loosing everyone I love. Yes everyone has this fear, I've already had my parents split up and move away, I'm not ready to loose them yet.
  5. Getting old - I like the idea of turning 18 and 21 and then being in my 20's but not getting any older please.
  6. Creepy old men, just ewww.
  7. Chavs that live near me, I grew up on a horrible part of my city and well people are violent are round there and I guess it's not the place you want to walk through late at night, on your own.
  8. Dying, yeah I don't wanna leave before I have chance to do anything, see anyone or meet anyone. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your fears! :) I love your blog and I am following you now!

    btw thanks for the comment :) Hope I see you often in my blog!


    Sam :)


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