6 August 2012

MissTaken Orange Nail Splash

Now I got this product with the August issue of Cosmo and it came with a varitey of 3 different colours, bright yellow, orange and pink and I thought to myself; for a change go with a different colour so I picked the orange one and after reading the magazine I was really excited to use it.

When applying the first coat I noticed that the color was quite weak so I thought on the next nail I paint I'll try and put my polish on my brush yet this caused my nails to become gloopy and not very nice when my nails were drying. 
Although when my nails had dried, they did look quite nice but also a little patchy. Retailed at £5 here I don't think it's quite worth the price or maybe that's just me. I'd rather spend more like £2-£3 on a Collection 2000 or MUA nail polish then have this make.


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