4 August 2012

Book Review - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Well here goes. I've never been big on revewing books, not because I don't want to that is. First thing is, I read waaay to many books to even think of reviewing them all (I'm on my 26th this year already) but also my 'reviews' aren't always very proffessional, they want to be so much yet it's normally me just blabbing on about how much I love the book or what may be wrong with it, I really need to refine my reviewing skills.

But this book however I feel really does deserve a review.

One night in 1939, Josef Kavalier shuffles into his cousin Sam Clay’s cramped New York bedroom, his nerve-racking escape from Prague finally achieved. Little does he realise that this is the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and even more fruitful business partnership. Together, they create a comic strip called ‘The Escapist’, its superhero a Nazi-busting saviour who liberates the oppressed around the world. ‘The Escapist’ makes their fortune, but Joe can think of only one thing: how can he effect a real-life escape, and free his family from the tyranny of Hitler? In Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay, Michael Chabon has created two unforgettable characters bound together by love, family and cartoons. 
First off I don't tend to read books containing bits of World War 2 in them I'm more of factual history person rather then fiction. But this one really took my fancy, it did involve Nazi Germany and the Second WW but it started off before the war even began but also this was about something completely different but the two subjects related well = COMIC BOOKS! And it wasn't set right in Nazi Germany or anywhere even near the war.

The book starts off with Josef Kavalier training as an escape artists when he was younger and finally using these skills to escape pre-war Prague and to me at first the book kind of seemed slow going or just a little bit uninteresting. At first I thought it was just going to be about these two character making a comic book and that was that. Or was it? It starts off as a small comic book bushiness, each one of them making quite a bit of money but a few twists and turns later and we're in the middle of the war with Kavalier and it's almost as if 'is he ever going to get home?' Out of all the books I've read this one stood out, it's not what I would normally read but if I quote The Daily Telegraph here "perfection" and it really was. I don't want to talk too much about the book in dept because I feel as if I would totally give away the story to anyone wanting to read it.

If anyone was looking for a fast paced book with characters with a lot of depth to them and of course escape artists  something I've never read about but now I want to look into so much more. I would recommend this book 10x over. Definitely a brilliant read for me, I would re-read it again in a heartbeat.

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