13 August 2012

10 Day 'You' Challenge - 10 Secrets

Now I have always loved doing photo challenges and all sorts of things, mainly done on my tumblr. It makes me feel as if I have something to do that day and then when I've done that part of the challenge I feel like I've actually accomplished something that day because normally I don't. I found this one floating around on other peoples blogs and thought to myself that I would give it a try. I'm going to be doing it from day 10 down to day 1 and here I go.

10 Secrets
I'm a very open person so I don't tend to have many secrets but I'll do the best I can.
  1. Everyone in my family seem to think I'm really smart and it just comes to me but I am so scared for results day it's not even funny. Same for college, I'm just so scared.
  2. I'm a very open and friendly person but I don't make friends easily and when I do it's normally with guys. I guess I just don't like girls too much because where I live they can be quite fake and very slutty.
  3. Despite being scared for college and all my results I am so excited, because thinking about it this is the start of my life properly. I can finally get a proper job and study the things I really want to do but also read as many books as I want and not get complained at because I'm doing English Literature for an A Level.
  4. I really enjoy being on my own and not around other people, I like the peace and quiet of my own room and reading a book all on my own.
  5. Following on from the last one, apart from my family they may only be two or three people I'm only fully comfortable to be around included are my boyfriend and best friend, I'm a bit of an odd bod.
  6. I love all things old an vintage, but I don't always dress that way because I'm scared of being judged ever with the 'I don't give a fuck of your opinion about me' attitude I seem to put on. 
  7. I'm a video game geek, I have all the consoles and most of the games but I never really get chance to play them anymore, my boyfriend does more then I do.
  8. I love to write but I never quite get the time which is very saddening because it's one of my passions.
  9. It sometimes bothers me that I don't always have as many friends as other people or that people don't like me but then I realize I have an amazing boyfriend and best friend and all the books I could ever have to last me a life time.
  10. I'm a sucker old cars, camper vans, vespa's (yes that's a bike), american mustang, old mini's. You name it I love it, ever since getting with my boyfriend of now my love for them has grown, I just can't help it. I see them in the street and squeal a little.
There you have it, they suck a little bit but I guess I'm not all that interesting/secretive. Everyone I know pretty much knows my business, through me telling them and well not telling them too :)

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  1. I enjoy being on my own aswell - find it so relaxing and nice. Can't wait to see the next posts :D xo

    1. Thank you ever so much and me too, I adore it :) xo

  2. hey! ive nominated you in the liebster blog awards, read about it here: http://livinginamoviescene.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liebster-blog-awards.html :)

    1. Thank you ever so much, it's my 3rd! :) xo

  3. Very nice post and blog ! Luv it :)
    Follow this blog.

  4. Hahaha I loved it, I actually really enjoy to read your blog... Believe u r not the only one that is a video game geek and loves to be alone. :D


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